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Gays keep the church open, says Bishop Robinson

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  1. Bishop Robinson will go down in history as one of the truly pioneering Anglican Bishops and I have no doubts at all he will be proved correct when history is written in 1, 2 or 3 hundred years time about this sorry chapter in Church history.On the otherhand Archbishop Williams will go down in history as a dithering, fence sitting hypocrite.It’s not too late ++Williams to jump off that fence and come down firly on the side of right and justice.As for the Nigerian and souther churches, well they will go down in history as the unChristian, homophobic bigots they are!I say Bishop Robinson for next Abp. of Canterbury!!

  2. Roberto, I echo your feelings. Robinson is a hero and so are the Episcopalians who voted for him. The Church of England is living in the dark ages and Williams is a hypocrite and an arse-kisser for the African church. I hope there is a schism because it will lessen the power of the C of E. Its irrelevant as it is. The longer Williams sucks up to the bigots in Afria, it will hasten the demise of the socalled church and its position in British society. I say lets remove state religion once and for all. Stop funding them with tax payers money, our money, to disriminate against us.Robert

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