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Gay mayor’s consort resigns over press release row

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Reader comments

  1. What’s the issue? Why should sexuality be played up or down? Is he not mayor of all? This guy’s strange!

  2. Sister Mary Clarance 3 Aug 2007, 3:50am

    Seems a bit attention seeking to me as well. Not all it seems I’ll wager, sounds like a stunt to get a bit of publicity. Why should they mention his sexuality in a press release? I’m not aware it would affect the way he does his work

  3. Maybe if he were legally “married” which he isn’t, this may not have been an issue at all. Civil Partnerships are not marriage either!Robert

  4. Well it wouldn’t be an issue if he were allowed to legally marry. Straight married couples in the same position don’t have to say a word, its taken for granted and respected because marriage is the gold standard in any society. Goes to prove that Civil Partnerships, assuming he is in one, aren’t working the way they should. Definitely not about equality.Robert

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