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Protest over gay kiss arrest in Rome

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Reader comments

  1. Yikes, “Roberto and Michele were only kissing….”, it wasn’t me Officer, I was nowhere near Rome at the time!

  2. Robert W. Pierce 30 Jul 2007, 8:07pm

    Is there much public display of affection between same-sex couples in the UK and if so, what is the public reaction to it in general. Are such displays now protected by the new equality laws? Am curious to know.We don’t see much of it here in the U.S. except perhaps in gay areas in Greenwich Village in New York City, but even there you don’t see it that much. Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  3. I think I’m correct in saying that the Law is the same for males and females. Thus whatever is OK for a straight couple is OK for Gays too.Thus, straights and Gays could be prosecuted for, say, having it off in a car in a car park using the same law.That said, I still don’t think two me would dare to walk hand in hand down Brixton High Street and expect to come out the other end alive!!

  4. elizabeth veldon 30 Jul 2007, 9:33pm

    yes if they where ‘having it off’ in full view of the public perhaps but may i remind you that witnesses said that they where only kissing.

  5. Roberto, thanks so much for the explanation, good to hear the law is equal on that one.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  6. You can write a protest letter to Romano Prodi!We should all do that to support them! Exactly that happened with me in London 2 years ago (only security came to me to stop me and I was not arrested, but nearly!).

  7. Joerg… if anything like that ever happens again to you..don’t even discuss it… call the police and have the dickhead done. We don’t have to put up with that sort of crap in this country.

  8. Robert… in answer to your question… the laws in Britain on public affection…and just about everything else are equal for everyone whether gay, lesbian, straight, bi, drag queen, whatever. In real life, like the rest of Western Europe…gay people in Britain are more affecionate in public when in gay areas of cities… from what I see anyway.

  9. Jason, thanks so much for the information, I appreciate it.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  10. Joerg, what happened two years ago? To digress, I’ve just learned that Italy’s laws now grant asylum to gay people fleeing persecution in their own countries and are not forced to return, unlike our own. How embarrassing is that?Robert, ex-pat Brit.

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