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Comment: Crystal meth, barebacking, apathy and ignorance

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  1. Paul Clifton 31 Jul 2007, 11:45pm

    Alex makes some very pertinent observations about crystal meth and why gay men are increasingly barebacking, particularly with regard to the complacency that has arisen as a result of charities like The Terrence Higgins Trust destigmatising and effectively normalising HIV and AIDS, and playing down the harmful effects of taking antiretroviral medications. Young gay men today are becoming infected with HIV without being aware of the true consequences, and it is time the gay community broke its silence, began debating the failure of HIV prevention in the UK, and demanded that the likes of THT and GMFA get tough with HIV. Because these organisations are too scared of hurting the feeling of HIVers by saying it as it is and alerting people to the true horror of HIV/AIDS, young gay men are continuing to get infected. It is political correctness gone mad.It appalled me to see Nick Partridge of THT being given space in our compliant gay press recently to discuss how his charity will lurch into its next quarter century. It has failed in its remit to protect gay men’s health for 25 years now, and was even discredited last December by its NHS commissioners, so why should we believe that THT endorsing unsafe sex venues that adopt its “codes of practice” is in any way going to help matters now? For heaven’s sake, get rid of this man and let’s get tough with HIV!! I would urge everyone who cares about the wellbeing and future health of our community to take a look at this link, which is a vivid account of why HIV prevention has failed:htp://