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Pressure on mayor in robo-toilet row

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  1. Fort Lauderdale is the most marvelous gay destination.The fact that our Mayor had to go to another city to find a single wingnut to stand with him at his latest press conference diatribe speaks volumes about this community.At the rally to denounce the mayor there was the Vice-Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, 3 County Commissioners, 1 former City Commissioner and even our Property Appraiser.That should tell you much more about how affirming this community is.IGNORE NAUGLE.

  2. Bill, doesn’t change the fact that Florida is a diehard red state with hardly any equality laws in place. Why would any sane gay man or woman want to continue supporting that state’s economy anyway? Hit them in the pockets, boycott the state and any other red state for that matter. I for one won’t ever be travelling there, no matter how “marvelous” south beach is. There are better places than that.Robert, NYC, USA.

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