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US given sexual orientation information on travellers

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Reader comments

  1. I am so dissapointed with this. It is a shame that the commission approved this during the holiday period. What can we do to protest? Can someone lets us know where we have to write to protest. We should all send letters to the British governement and to the commission in Brussels.If someone knows how to proceed, please let us know.ben

  2. I think its a disgrace and I also think the U.S. has put pressure on the EU Commission to comply or they’ll make it harder for Europeans to travel to the U.S. I fail to see what a traveller’s sex life has anything to do with security, HIV status, do you? One way to solve it is for Europeans to stop visiting the U.S. I think its a violation of human rights and civil liberties. US law does not and should not apply to non-US territories. If they’re doing it to EU members, then they should do it to their own citizens to make it fairer. Everybody in the EU should be contacting their local politicians to protest this violation.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  3. Is there nothing that can be done to stop this? Any kind of petition or anything? I’ve not seen this in the mainstream press, I’m sure most people would be outraged by this.

  4. I’m shocked that something like this could get approved by any free-thinking government. Topics like sexual orientation, and health conditions in no way, shape, or form are applicable to ‘Homeland Security’…unless they think there’s going to be some sort of emergence of a group called “Al-Gayda”, planning to overthrow all hetrosexual control. It’s disgraceful that the EU would bow to the US on such a huge violation on the rights of it’s people. And shame on them for not requiring it of Americans travelling to EU!!!! Hell, it’s not like the US is some HIV-sanitary environment that they need to be worrying about who’s “bringing it in”…they’ve got their own chunk of that pie already! Even if they prohibited HIV+ people from coming in, it wouldn’t help their issues with that epidemic at all. The whole thing is completely ridiculous!

  5. Diarmuid, Dublin 25 Jul 2007, 10:08am

    This is appalling. Its none of their blood business.American’s should be deeply ashamed of their country and the lame sentiments that they spout about living in the “land of the free”. All I can see is a country of small minded and afraid people who have no right to claim to be democratic on the world stage. And as a European Citizen, its a disgrace the EU hasn’t the balls to tell these medieval tyrants where to stick their request for this kind of data!

  6. Aside from boycotting the U.S. as a travel destination, I think an Europe-wide demonstration outside all U.S. Embassies would have some impact as well as a march on the EU Commission. How dare the EU provide personal information on its citizens without their informed consent. This is an affront to our civil liberties and an assault on European democracy.The U.S. has no right to such information. Is the EU doing it to U.S. citizens and would the U.S. accede? I think not. We should take to the streets in civil protest.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  7. dopy dave here 25 Jul 2007, 4:15pm

    whats really shocking to me is the idiots here in the UK agreeing to it. Esp. as its a way one thing. Like I have always said god bless America and the Atlantic Ocean

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