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Home Secretary may consider gay hate crime law

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Reader comments

  1. Good for Jacqui Smith, long overdue! Leave it to a woman!Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  2. Terrific. Will she suggest prosecuting religious nutters who advocate killing gays?

  3. Alex Bryce thank you for your article on the Channel 4 shows. As you quite rightly say The Last Gay Trial was glorious. Found myself even cheering at the TV . Sad queen , get a life style, I know.Clapham Junction on the other hand was more like a Merchant Ivory does ‘gay’ but not in a nice Maurice way. I kept thinking where is Gaydar , where are all the escort boys, no gym eek, no mid life drugged fucked steroid crisis, where are the real people. and please don’t say you think the violin boy got beaten. I want to see him on Britain’s Got Talent.I really thought I was watching something from the early 90’s …..hopefully the guy who wrote it will now go back to his real job.For all the queens who have suffered , they deserved so much better. Would have been more fun watching Ruth Kelly flagellate.

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