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Sperm donor stops lesbian parents taking their baby abroad

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Reader comments

  1. What a horrible man. Just think, any other day, that sperm could have ended up somewhere very different!

  2. Since this couple entered into a civil partnership, why on earth would they want to move permanently to Australia where there are no civil partnership laws or same-sex marriage laws, makes no sense? Their partnership will have no recognition there. Madness if you ask me.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  3. Spent today at home WWW ing because of rain looking for interesting facts as you do; Didn’t realise there are more comments about bankers and money lenders burning in hell fire in the Bible than about homosexuals. So gonna write to the Pope and remind him so he can do something to stop them marrying or adopting. Wonder how you can get a Vatican Bank credit card. Could use it to pay for my week shagging in Mykonos.

  4. Having been asked to be a donor, I thought otherwise. As a donor I was also responsible for the being of the child. Accordingly I decided that if I was denied contact with the child, The child would just be a being, of “A” relationship.The child always come first.

  5. Barry. You appear to be a person of indifference. How sad for you!

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