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Scottish bishop’s threat over gay adoptions

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Reader comments

  1. Robert W. Pierce 30 Jul 2007, 4:29pm

    Maybe there is a solution to all this. Assuming that faith-based adoption agencies are private and who do NOT accept 10 million pounds from taxpayer every year, then perhaps they can skirt the law. The solution being to request the Vatican to foot the bills. With some of the world’s most valuable art, real estate, stocks, bonds, it is more than capable of funding its own adoption agencies. The Church of England should also be compelled to do the same. I’ve never believed in state religion and I don’t accept that it should be funded by taxpayers either. None of them have any legal right to tell me that I can’t marry or can’t adopt children. These are civil matters, not religious. Let them fend for themselves. Using taxpayers money to discriminate because it conflicts with their narrow-minded religious beliefs is offensive at best. Its their way or the highway…..NO WAY!Robert, ex-pat Brit.