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It was 40 years ago today – C4 marks decriminalisation

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  1. homophobic abuse is still going on. I had fives years of it.

  2. sitting here watching the Lord M programme. Wouldnt it be good if all the present police chiefs got together today and apologised for their forces history of they way they treated gay people in the past.

  3. I watched the Last Gay Trial tonight and found it made me both emotional and also angry.I simply could not believe the sheer vileness of the Police, Courts and armed forces. To think people were being treated like this certainly within my own lifetime (being born in 1953 myself)!!We must though remember all our fellow Gays and Lesbians living today like this in the many countries of the world far less enlightened than we here in the UK today. Nigeria being one example where they are trying to turn back the clock.Anyway, time I believe for the government to issue pardons and aplogies to all those persecuted during up until 1967. Tell me, is there anyone still in prison for life follwing a trial for buggery? If so, it’s a total disgrace!

  4. Dave, good point, they SHOULD apologise. The predecessor of the degenerate in Rome apologised to the Jews after all.Yes, homophobia is still going on and will continue longer after any apology is ever issued which I doubt. The major religions owe more of an apology than do the police and armed forces if you ask me. Lets not forget that we were burned at the stake during the middle ages when England was an RC country and after the reformation. They’d do it again if they could.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  5. Christianity has never advocated theis very clear about this – Heretics were burnt at the stake. These included Catholics (under potestant rule), portestants, (Under Catholic domination), witches and all others opposing Church authority(under both.If Gays were burnt, they were in the minority, considering the millions who sacrifced their lives for feedom from dogma.

  6. Correction. My previous post was referring to Gays allegedly being burnt at the stake. History does not record this.

  7. Well since religion has been mentioned, we had the imam of Manchester recently advocate killing gays to maintain the moral purity of society.Barely a peep of condemnation from the Left as usual. They much prefer Catholic bashing.Those who cannot see which is the biggest danger should try getting a gay pride march orgnised in an islamic country.

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