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Website for Arab and Asian gays launched

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Reader comments

  1. I congratulate those Arab and Asian Gays and Lesbians brave enough to join MySalaam.I expect though we are about to see the usual “rent a mob” jumping up and down in London venting their “Outrage” yet again over something else they deem to be insulting to Islam!!

  2. I wish this project good luck, but wonder why there has to be s special site for Asian and Arab people? This segregation will do nothing for community relations or integration, we all need to stand together, not form factions based on race, background or religion. There are no special cases, we’re all in this together.On a positive note, it is good to see that the site is secular.

  3. Well done all at and Drew, this sint about segregation – if we are all in it together then why do we need gay media at all? arent we part of the same society? the gay commmunity is not particularly inclusive, there are racism and ignorance in all communities.As for Robert’s comments: do you actually have a life beyond contstantly spouting your venom on blogs? Not all Asians and Arabs are muslims but Islamophobia is one of the things that is increasing in the gay community and is one of the things this new website will try and combat. Even PinkNews can be seen as perpetuating this matter. If you are able to distinguish between the different Christian denominations, why do you use Iran as an example of Islam: neither the clergy nor the government of Iran are representative of the billions of muslims accross the world (many of whom are openly gay… like me!)

  4. Ali, congratulations on the new website, long may it flourish! This has to be a first outside of Islamic countries and I’m proud that its happening in the UK! I hope the website has full online protection. There are evil forces out there that try to take down gay-related websites because they don’t like hearing the truth. Good luck!Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  5. Ali, I hope the UK’s gay Asian and other islamic people unite to demand the right of asylym for our brothers and sisters who are fleeing persecution and/or possible death. Its appalling that our asylum laws are so harsh and often result in asylym seekers being returned to their land of origin possibly facing torture or execution. The situation in the middle east is NEVER going to change unless our national leaders, Brown and Cameron and their successors and the entire EU commission publicly condemn and hold the governments who perpetrate these crimes against humanity accountable. Granting temporary residence in the hope that situations may change for example in Iran, is burying one’s head in the sand. Its NOT going to change, not in five years, not in ten, unless the EU makes it an issue or better yet, the UN. I strongly urge you to petition our government to ease the restrictions on asylum for our brothers and sisters fighting for their lives and to live with dignity and respect in the UK.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  6. Ali – thank you for your comment about my comments on Islam.I think when I see those “mobs” who gather in London, representing Islam, stood up to by all those “moderates” I keep hearing about then maybe I would take you seriously.The fact remains that even in “moderate” Islamic countries Christians and people of other faiths have a really hard time of it. Examples: Copts in Egypt; Christians in Indonesia; Christians in Turkey…. etc. etc. etc.

  7. “As for Robert’s comments: do you actually have a life beyond contstantly spouting your venom on blogs?”And don’t you have anything better to do, Ali, than prattle on about your tedious religion?

  8. Good luck to this group. People complain about persecution in Western Europe and the USA, but the prejudice against gay Muslims in Islamic countries is far worse.There should be more pressure for any islamic country to decriminalise homosexuality (with the exception of Turkey). Can’t see that happenining though.

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