A new online meeting place for the Asian and Arab LGBT people and their friends has opened for business.

MySalaam.com features content for both men and women including features, articles, blogs, message boards, community news and listings.

“I chose the name salaam because it is a word of greetings, peace and love that is shared by many peoples of Middle Eastern and Asian heritage,” says Simran, MySalaam.com’s founder and coordinator.

“I wanted to bring together these different, inter-connected communities.

“MySalaam.com is the first fully interactive, non-religious based UK website for Asian and Arab LGBTs. We needed a space that isn’t just about dating and sex. I wanted to create an environment where we could share experiences and unite against the Islamophobia and racism that creeps its way into the LGBT community,” said Simran.

MySalaam.com aims to fill the current void in the online experience of people from the Asian and Arab LGBT communities. It provides an up-to-date, safe environment for users to interact, and get information.

The site wants to be a place to visit for Arab and Asian people seeking support and advice around their sexuality, health and social issues.

To visit the site click here.