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The tribunal bishop and his gay organist

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Reader comments

  1. Good news for a change. The Bishop of Hereford clearly acted like some medieval prelate sitting in “judgement” so he can dispense his own form of justice in the shape of prejudice!Let this perhaps be a warning to other bigots who hide behind their cassock for protection!

  2. Conrgatulations to John Reany. I’m sorry he had to go through such a hideous time. I’d also like to thank him for taking the Church of England to court to make some demarcation in their exemption from employment law. It will be useful to other gay men and Lesbians and strengthen the principle that religius conviction (no mater how strongly held, ridiculous or irrational)does not exempt someone from treating gay men and lesbians decently and with equality. He was treated apallingly and this bishop should be ashamed of himself. Although he has offered no contrition on being found guilty. Lets see what statement the Church of England makes and if they discipline him? Well done to Stonewall and the Russell Jones and Walker for their support.

  3. Whoops I think I got the solicitors wrong another article says it was Bindman and partners.

  4. Robert W. Pierce 18 Jul 2007, 2:05pm

    Well, Rowan Williams is not getting involved, typical response, a spineless man if ever there were!If any organised religion is to survive, its going to have to join the 21st century and leave its medieval belief system behind. I will be content to see them all disappear into oblivion since they are all irrelevant to modern-day living. Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  5. I am a vicar who is gay and I have remained celibate because I accept the teachings of the church I belong to. I have been very clear about my sexuality from the moment I applied to be a minister within the church and I can honestly say I have not been discriminated against in any shape or form. Yes there would be an issue if I was to go against my beliefs and be in a gay relationship but then I don’t think, for my own integrity, I would stay a vicar – why be a part of an organistaion if you can’t accept it’s teachings. Any form of ministry within the church whether that is as a vicar or a youth worker comes with the responsibility to uphold the teaching, moral and ethical, of the church – if you can’t do that then don’t do the job. I know John and I know we don’t agree on this issue.

  6. If the Church of England, the state religion, is exempt from taxation as all religious denominations are here in the USA, then maybe such tax exemption should be reversed when it meddles in and influences the outcome of legislation and equality laws. Why should it be exempt from employment discrimination simply because being gay or the intent of having a gay relationship gives it the right to deny employment simply because it doesn’t “jive” with church teaching? My argument is, if it can ban gay single employees, then why doesn’t it ban single heterosexuals who might engage in a relationship of a sexual nature? Doesn’t the church teach that sex outside of marriage is wrong? Or am I missing something? Divorce according to the bible is also wrong, yet the church allows it. Why are women allowed to marry in white in church? Why does it marry people who aren’t believers or regular church goers for that matter?If I recall, white signifies, purity and virginity! Seems like the church is conflicted and very bigoted, and a supporter of a double standard. When it boils down to it, its about hypocrisy.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  7. Competition in Hereford is obviuosly strong!

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Dec 2007, 3:28pm

    I see the Bishop has altered his position somewhat since 18th July when commenting at a press conference, Bishop Priddis said that he was “disappointed but not completely down. . . I still think that the decision I made was the right one.”Similarly, the Anglican Primate of Nigeria who has decried the advance of “an aggressive secularist” agenda in the west, supported Bishop Priddis. Akinola told a press conference on May 13 in Abuja, Nigeria, “The decline in marriages and the breakdown in families has become an epidemic” in Britain. “Surely the Church has an obligation to promote holy living not apologise for it!” Can’t help wondering whether the bill for the ‘substantial payout’ to Mr Reaney has just hit the doormat, or possibly the calls for the Bishop’s resignation have finally got him twitchy.

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