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Sir Ian stands up for Singapore’s gays

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  1. I see he manages to have a swipe at his home country, despite the UK now being a lot more gay friendly. I’ve been to Singapore and there are open gay bars. Everyone knows they are there and just so long as you don’t wander round publicly proclaiming your sexuality, the gay bars are left alone. The bars are not underground or out of sight behind closed doors. You could quite happily sit on the balcony and watch the world go.

  2. Luke, if its me you’re referring to, why don’t you say it? I never stated that the UK wasn’t a gay-friendly country, it is to some extent, but as far as having any full equality, we do NOT! If you can’t get married, you’re not equal. Holland did it, along with Belgium, Spain,Canada and South Africa. We should have been the leader. I love my country as much as you do and I want things to be better, make it the best country to live in for our gay people but that won’t happen if you’re prepared to sit back, do nothing or say nothing and accept second-class citizenship. If David Cameron or Gordon Brown are truly committed to your equality as they say they are, then let them give you the right to marry, abolish discriminatory civil partnerships and merge them into the marriage act. All it would take is changing just two words, i.e. “civil partnership” into marriage, why is that so difficult? You should be demanding it!Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  3. Robert, I most certainly was not referring to yourself!! Your post was not up when I posted. I was referring to McKellen’s remark about homosexuality being illegal in Singapore because of Britain’s laws (long since repealed) from goodness knows how long ago, when those laws probably applied in the UK (and loads of other places) too.PS, just curious how you thought I was referring to you!?

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