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G-A-Y brand is secure says owner

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  1. Holy shit this is OLD news

  2. I am not gay myself but most of my friends are. Whenever we go to other ”straight” clubs, some people seem to act ignorant towards my friends just because they are gay. It makes me feel angry. Therefore very often we decide to go to gay clubs, because the music is great and people friendly (def not in this place ), and we can
    G A Y late is supposed to be one of the most famous venues for gay people to go out and have a good night out in London, but it is completely opposite. Its attitude towards the public is outrageous. The staff is untrained and extremly rude to some poeple. I have felt discriminated because i am straight and have felt that they have been giving me made up reason for not letting me in when im with 3,4 of my gay friends and they can get in without any problems. When i went there last autumn with 2 of my gay friends and us two straight girls, they would take one look at us girls and straight away deny access to us. The overweight lesbian bouncer creates a very bad im

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