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Exclusive: Prime Minister Gordon Brown answers your questions

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Reader comments

  1. An excellent article, but please do something about that dreadful photo!

  2. Grendon Haines 17 Jul 2007, 3:19pm

    Thank you to the PinkNews for posing these questions; Mr Brown’s position is very clear and we have done well in electing this government.

  3. what a crock , I aint voting for him. He seems to never anwser any direct question on his own personal postion, just hides behind the efforts of others. After all if the labour party had voted the same as him on all the gay bills that were put before govenment apart from one, nothing would have got through.

  4. Chris Whitehead 18 Jul 2007, 3:05am

    Eek, it’s such a dilemma. To vote blindly on gay issues seems, firstly, ignorant on the part of gay people, but secondly makes it too easy for the politicians to claw their way into what is important to us, and make up BS in order to gain our vote.On the other hand, Labour has undoubtedly played a huge part in the evolution of gay rights in the UK, and as a young guy that is wonderful. On the other hand, the whole “I was too busy with the Treasury to vote on gay rights” excuse worries me. It just doesn’t quite cut it with me.Nevertheless, taking the competition into consideration, my first ever vote in a general election continues to go towards the Labour box…perhaps a similar article with Cameron?

  5. Sister Mary Clarance 18 Jul 2007, 5:46am

    “On the other hand, Labour has undoubtedly played a huge part in the evolution of gay rights in the UK” you’re absolutely right Chris, Labour have had a huge part in enacting legislation forced on this country by the EU, through the Treaty of Amsterdam. Much as any other party in power over the last few years would have done, be they Labour, Conservative, LibDem or otherwise.They have also robbed pension funds (and are rumoured to be about to do so again), committed the NHS to emormous loans on new hospitals that it cannot possibly afford to pay back.Widened the rich, poor devide and introduced ‘choice’ based servcies that favour the able and disadvantage (further) the diadvantaged.Invaded a number of sovereign countries with no good reason to do so, starting a religious war against this country and its people. This has ensured that its now unsafe to use public transport without Kevlar body armour.Our prison are full and yet our streets are full of crime.Peerages can be bought as can a number of serving MPs.As you say, to vote blindly on gay issues does seem ignorant. It does, very ignorant indeed.

  6. Dopey Dave should read the article again, perhaps there’s a picture book version for people who find it difficult to understand. GB couldn’t have made his personal position any clearer, or the position of his party.

  7. dopy dave here 18 Jul 2007, 11:02am

    GB, made his personal postion clearly when he voted on only one gay issue. Look up his voting record on gays rights, and dont believe his spin.

  8. Sister Mary Clarance…think back to the days before 1997. The equality that gay people now have in Britain is due to one thing. Having a Labour government. P.S. Before I hear the cries of “it was the European Union not the UK government that brought us equality”… try telling Poland to bring in Civil Partnerships and see how far you get.

  9. Nonsense William.The votes of Labour MPs in 1994 stopped the age of consent being equalised. The votes of Labour MPs in the 97-01 parliament kept section 28 on the statute book long after it was abolished in Scotland under the Lib-Lab coalition.The non-conformance with EU law of some new member states does not diminish that on most LGBT issues Labour has only acted once EU ruled they had to.And it’s not been all good either – stripping a raft of employment discrimination rights from trans people back in 1999 for instance.The better-than-97-but-not-equal situation we now have isn’t down to “one thing – having a Labour government”. It’s down to two – being in the EU with its stronger commitment to equality than Labour has ever shown; and having a growing Lib Dem opposition ready to embarass Labour on their lack of action.

  10. Grendon Haines 19 Jul 2007, 4:24pm

    The laws in this country have changed; we are a minority but we were consistent and principled with our arguments. Perhaps our politicans could have acted differently in the past but we have come a long way thanks to the beliefs and behaviours of our elected representatives. I celebrate their work what ever party. One of the the first mayor changes happened 40 years thanks to the efforts of the Albany Trust and their supporters, and it is during the current Labour’s government terms of office that much has been accomplished. Yes, the Lib-Dems have much too celebrate as well.Where do we need to go from here? The work is not finished. We have changed the laws but we need to continue to change attitudes; our culture is still behind the times. We have more work to do.The hard work needs to continue: changing a culture. Co-operation is the order of the day.

  11. The better-than-97-but-not-equal situation we now have isn’t down to “one thing – having a Labour government”. It’s down to two – being in the EU with its stronger commitment to equality than Labour has ever shown; and having a growing Lib Dem opposition ready to embarass Labour on their lack of action.Jen, I agree with you. Do you see the EU ever backing full marriage equality across the EU? It seems that the only time the UK and others do anything positive for equality is when they’re mandated by the EU, unlike Holland, Belgium and Spain. I think Holland had an easier time becoming the first country on this planet to grant full equality because homosexuality was never a crime. What is so astounding is that heavily Catholic Spain managed to get legislation passed fairly easily, in spite of church protests, truly amazing. I’m in awe of Spain as I am of Canada!Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

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  18. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Dec 2007, 2:07pm

    William, I used to work for the Labour Party and I cannot agree. I know only to well the reasons behind many of Labour’s policy and believe me, right and wrong, good or bad never usually come into it.Jo Moore and her ‘good day to bury bad news’ on September 11 was a telling insight into how things used to work. Everything was calculated and nothing decided without a test of public opinion.John Prescott punching that twat was another example. Labour were aware less than six hours after the event that overwhelmingly the public thought he has done the right thing, so no action was taken against him.Labour’s equality agenda is extremely well calculated and policy changes occur at the optimum time. What all the political parties care about is power and control and each of them will say what they believe they have to say and do what they believe they have to do to ensure they get that power and control.As our community becomes more visible, it becomes more cohesive and the need for political parties to take note of us becomes more necessary. This is why we see so little difference in the messages we are receiving from all parties now. It is no longer a niche agenda.Has we had a Conservative government since 97, we would have seen the same changes, but more likely a little slower, purely because the Tories PR machine is less sophisticated that Mr Blair’s

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