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Sex scandal peer opens up about being bi

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Reader comments

  1. Considering the clamour by Black people to try to force the UK government to apologise for the slave trade, isn’t it also time the government apologised for its witch hunts against Gays?

  2. Roberto, point well taken. So too should the religious denominations be compelled to make an apology. Their objection to full marriage equality and civil partnerships is all part of the bigotry they espouse. Their bible is flawed, full of conflicts and contradictions. They conveniently ignore as part of their belief system references that permit polygamy, the killing/stoning of one’s wife for adultery, the killing of one’s children for being disrectful, the banning of divorce, the list is endless, yet they’ll go out of their way to quote Leviticus to justify discrimination against us, something that Jesus Christ never said, let alone said anything about homosexuality. They’re nothing more than hypocrites of the worst kind. They even discriminate against their own clergy who enter into civil partnerships, expecting them to remain celibate. How sick is that? If that’s the case, then they should admonish heterosexuals from doing the same thing. All this nonsense about marriage being the only vehicle for sexual intercourse and the rearing of children is absurd and archaic. These “hets” have screwed up the world enough, its either their way or the highway! Why do you think the C of E and RC churches are so bent out of shape over the ordination of women? Its about bigotry, hypocrisy misogyny and preservation of the status quo within their ranks. Get rid of them I say, they’re irrelevant along with the monarchy.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  3. Patrick, Belfast 17 Jul 2007, 8:28am

    So long as their are fools willing to be led, there will always be a religion ready to “guide” them.And well said, Robert and Roberto. Strange that Jesus had a bigger problem with money lenders and divorce, but that doesn’t seem to affect the divorce rate or an impediment for Christians to borrow money.Basically, its just an excuse to attack and scapegoat, its nothing new:- Women were burned at the stake for being witches, black people were sold into slavery, and Jews persecuted across Europe. Now its the gays.The unfortunate thing is, there seems to be a proportional relationship between the those who follow religion and those who need to be told what to think as they can’t do it for themselves for some reason. The only intelligent people in religions organisation are the ones in charge of them, beating on scapegoats, just to hold on to their power. The hypocrisy is blatantly obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than a tennis ball, but so many people still accept blind dogma to fuel the anger, anger I’m guessing caused by their own inadequacies or frustration with their own lives.Paedophilia’s in the churches aside (with is a horrendous enough), there’s the “closet queers”, our biggest enemy. The ones so filled with so much self loathing that they spend an inordinate amount of time persecuting those of their “own kind” who have come to terms with who and what they are (something they cannot do), only later to be found paying €20 to some under-age male prostitute in a public toilet.Robert is right, we could do a lot worse than to get rid of the lot of them.

  4. Patrick, thank you! I apologise to readers in my posting to Roberto, there were one or two typographical errors that I failed to check before posting.Patrick, here in the United States within the republican party (conservatives) there is reported to be more than a million gay supporters or more known as the Log Cabin. These same people continue voting for the likes of George Bush and do precious little when it comes to antigay legislation such as the ban on same-sex marriage in some states and a total ban on any semblance of equality in some others. They never challenge their leaders and many of them including deeply closeted gay republic politicians voted for same-sex marriage bans. Now how sick can it get? I say to British gay conservatives, be very careful who you vote for or support. Don’t go the way of gay republicans here in the USA who allowed their party to use legal same-sex marriage as a wedge issue to not only determine the outcome of an disastrous election in 2004 but also incited more discrimination against gay men and women. Hold your politicians accountable at all times. We don’t do that here unfortunately.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

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