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Gay candidate welcomes Boris to Mayoral race

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Reader comments

  1. Whoever is the candidate, I hope they beat livingstone.

  2. “This process is all about democracy – they don’t have that nowadays in the Labour party.” Thus spoke Andrew Boff.Better for him to have said…”this process is all about some semblance of democracy…”. We in the UK do not have pure democracy, we’ve never had it and probably never will. True democracy confers “equal” rights on ALL citizens. To date, only five countries have it and the USA and UK are not among them.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  3. Be interested to see what he says he will do if he gets the job. This report just seems like nasty politics -didnt the “democratic lefts” preferred candidate sit down to tea with someone who wants us thrown off tall buildings?

  4. Ryan Haynes 22 Aug 2007, 1:14pm

    I must agree with all statements.But bless Boris. The man is a legend for screwing up and he can do no worse than Livingstone. Livingstone, granted has developed London but through the business door – the city love him; equality groups love him. What happens when the money runs out?But Boris, well I’m yet to see him do more than write a few books and talk rubbish on TV. But it does keep political entertainment going.

  5. Ken has a clear record on supporting lesbian and gay rights – his support for London Pride, for example, and his setting up of the partnership register in London which pressed the government to change the law allowing civil partnerships. Just think what London would be like with a homophobic mayor. Boris Johnson’s homophobia isn’t limited to the quotes used in the article. He defended Section 28 in the Daily Telegraph on 3 August 2000: ‘the essence of that Tory case is unchanged… it is more sensitive to spare parents’ anxieties, than to allow Left-wing local authorities to waste taxpayers’ money on idiotic and irrelevant homosexual instruction.’And his quote on ‘pulpit poofs’: ‘I first met the Bishop [of Liverpool] a few weeks ago at a gloomy convocation of top clergy and journalists in Windsor Castle. The hacks were thin on the ground… I can say that the clerics gave us a wigging for being so mean to the Church of England… Why did we draw attention to tricky subjects like homosexuality, aka the Pulpit Poofs issue?’Lesbians and gay men voting against Ken Livingstone, and particularly for a homophobe like Boris Johnson, would be worse than turkeys voting for Christmas.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with the criticisms of Boris Johnson and his terrible record on LGBT rights. Despite Johnson’s protestations his views are dangerous and anaethema to London’s diverse communities. For example he made clear his opposition to repealing Section 28 writing in The Spectator of: ‘Labour’s appalling agenda, encouraging the teaching of homosexuality in schools, and all the rest of it.’ (The Spectator 15 April 2000) He wrote of Labour overturning the House of Lords to establish an equal age of consent at 16 was an example of ‘elective dictatorship’. More recently he said that if gay marriage was to be legal then why not ‘a union’ of ‘three men and a dog’. Boris Johnson’s remarks and record on LGBT rights is something that all Londoners should oppose and I for one will be backing Ken Livingstone and his fantastic history of supporting our community in his bid for re-election to be Mayor.

  7. Luke – your stance is astounding. You do realise that the candidate who came second in both mayoral elections were the Tories? This means your “anyone but Livingstone” position will end up as a pro-Tory position.By far and away, Ken is the best candidate for the Lesbian and Gay communities – he has a proven track record of defending and advancing Lesbian and Gay rights from the 80s onwards, at a time when homosexuality was not as acceptable as it is now in politics. The Tories have a historic track record OF BEING HOMOPHOBIC, such as the instigation of section 28. Even Gay members, such as current London Assembly Chair Brian Coleman, have opposed Livingstone on supporting Pride assemblies in Eastern Europe. Ken’s stance on this is only a small part of the all encompassing agenda and initiatives that he has advocated for our communities. Others have already commented on this so I wont repeat. Johnson would be a disaster for the Lesbian and Gay communities in london. Im shocked that there are people within our community who do not realise what is at stake with the leadership of London government.

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