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TURING: Of pink pride and prejudice

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  1. What we as gay men or Lesbian women have in common is that we are sexually attracted to our own sex. Fundamentally this is who we are and what we have universally in common. Many who hate us (especially religious organisations) claim they do not hate us for our orientation or desires but rather because of the expresion of our desires and the sex we enjoy. It is important that we celebrate sex whether expressions of love or lust and enjoyment, that we frighten their horses and that we say we have sex, we are sexual and we will keep doing it and we believe we have as much right as heterosexuals to express it. I guess I’m trying to say our commonality is fundamentally about sex and our experience of oppression comes from other’s dissaproval of that sex. It is important that we remain sexualised and are not just seen as the cute, funny creative, alternative, hedonistic gays and Lesbians some of us are some of the time. I for one will treat their selfish and stupid dissaproval and desperate attempts to stop us having sex with the contempt it deserves. Anyone for a f**ck?

  2. elizabeth veldon 16 Jul 2007, 2:37pm

    amazing that Queer Marches are for Lesbians and Gay men.Funny I thought Bisexuals, Trannies, Gender Trash ect. ect. went along too.If you want to know what’s wrong with these marches consider the words of Sylvia Rivera (rioter at Stonewall and Orginiser of Queer Youth for the whole of her sadly short life):’It’s your Pride not mine. You havn’t allowed me my Pride yet.’

  3. Elizabeth, in every gay pride march around the western world, bisexuals- and transsexuals are allowed to march and often do. I see no reason why they can’t in the UK. The organisers of the pride march are the ones who need to address this and should be taken to task if they don’t.David, I wholly concur with your views on that one. Case in point, here in the states, a group of gay supporters of the San Diego Padres were invited to a baseball game. Some of our right wing bigots in the media got bent out of shape over it saying that it was inappropriate to have gays at ballgames where there might be children, meaning that it would be morally wrong to allow children to see same-sex people holding hands, showing any signs of affection etc., and causing confusion for them. Whereas, its ok for children to see straight couples kissing, holding hands and other means of affection. That alone is shoving THEIR sexuality down OUR throats with their public displays of affection just because they are the majority. The very fact that some wear wedding rings makes a public statement about their sexuality. Its a double standard and they can’t have it both ways, whats good for one is good for the other.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  4. elizabeth veldon 16 Jul 2007, 8:15pm

    you can march but expect to get it in the neck afterwards if you think you can hang around.I and my Partner have missed the last two marches here but we’d, I don’t doubt, find it hard to get into the Women’s Tent .

  5. Elizabeth, if the organisers of gay pride in London or elsewhere give you a hard time, make noise. There is no reason why you should be excluded from the women’s tent let alone face harrassment. This is about equality after all.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  6. elizabeth veldon 17 Jul 2007, 5:48pm

    you can have equality just as long as you don’t shout to loudly for it.

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