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I Will Survive singer wants to ‘lead gays to Christ’

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Reader comments

  1. Talk about biting the hand that feeds, lol. If it was for gays where would she be today…..stupid woman!!

  2. elizabeth veldon 13 Jul 2007, 2:02pm

    Taking the pink pound qhile hating Poofs…how sickening.

  3. Yep, she’s doing what Donna Summer, but when U.S. gays started burning her records and boycotting her, she recanted and denied that she was antigay, but we still don’t trust her. Its quite clear that Gaynor is homophobic, otherwise why would she mention Jesus Christ? Just who do these people think they are and why do they assume the air of moral superiority anyway and what is their obsession with our sex lives about? Could it be they are envious or just not getting enough? If I had it in my power, I’d love to put all these homophobes under hypnosis and get to root of their phobia, I think it would quite revealing, don’t you?Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  4. Robert (the other one in the U 13 Jul 2007, 2:24pm

    A message to GG and others like her.What makes her think that if you are Gay then you cannot possibly be a Christian, Jew, Muslim or any other religion you care to mention? Does she think that ALL Gays are somehow excluded?For GG’s information there are millions of Gays who are happy with their sexuality AND happy to be called a Christian, Jew et etc etc. What total arrogance of GG and other Christians to believe that you cannot be Gay and religious!For example, there are dozens of Christian Churches that are quite happy with Gays in the pews. Take the (Gay) Metropolitan Community Church; many Independent Old Catholic Churches; even the United Reform Church. It’s only the right wing, hand waving variety that seem to have a hang up with sex and sexuality and for the record enough of their bigotted Pastors have been caught with THEIR trousers down!!No GG, stick to your new found bigots in the Evangelical movement but remember it will hit you hard in the purse as I and millions of others set about burning and banning your crap records!

  5. Betty Flange 13 Jul 2007, 2:43pm

    What a revoulting thought, all that money we coughed up for her only hit has probably been funding whatever disgusting cult it is that she’s been drawn into.Sounds like a false icon to me

  6. Gloria just you walk on out that door cause you’re not welcome any more.

  7. elizabeth veldon 13 Jul 2007, 4:06pm

    Sounds like a false icon to me —arn’t they all?

  8. Sister Mary Clarance 13 Jul 2007, 6:38pm

    “Because they trust me, I think.” …. not any more, you bigotted, self righteous twat.Burning all by Gloria Gaynor records as we speak … oops wrong one …. sorry Sinitta.I feel a boycott coming on ….

  9. What is so stupid about this woman’s remarks is that for those who are believers, gay people never needed to be led to Jesus. It was the mainstream religions that drove them away by condemning their lives insisting that it was not compatible with scriptural teaching. Gladys Knight by the way is now a mormon, one of the most antigay sects out there. Nobody yet knows if Gladys is pro or antigay, but I suspect she is the latter.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  10. Mike Ensley 13 Jul 2007, 10:34pm

    Pink News is bashing Gloria Gaynor–whose disco hit I Will Survive was adopted as a sort of theme song by feminists and gays alike–because she expressed her intent to share the love of Jesus with the LGBT(…) community.When asked by presenter Jane Little how she feels about being a gay icon, she replied: “I feel good about it because I feel it is a platform for my purpose, which is to bring the love of Christ to all of my fans . . . Because they trust me, I think.”Ms Little asked: “So you see it as an evangelistic thing. Do you have a religious opposition to homosexuality?”GG: “I want to lead them to Christ and what he has for them. I want to lead them to him, I want to lead them to truth.”JL: “Do you see homosexuality as something sinful?”GG: “I want to lead them to Christ, simply, and whatever he has for them.”She wants to bring the love of Christ to them, and leave their sexuality up to them and God. But that’s not enough. Pink News wants to know if she has a personal moral opposition to homosexuality–regardless of whether she’s keeping that to reader Anne Morgan said:”I think this is incredible considering her songs are both gay and feminist anthems. In the same interview she replied “Oh no” when asked if she was a feminist. “I wonder what would happen [to] her record sales in the UK if it was widely known how homophobic she is.”So it’s homophobic now to lead gays to Christ, unless you first publicly bow the knee to a gay-affirming world view. Evidently it’s also homophobic for a woman not to consider herself a “feminist.”A quick browse over the venomous comments left on the story site reveals the judgmental, intolerant attitudes of Pink News’ readership–and they don’t even know what her personal beliefs on homosexuality are. Even if she does have a moral objection to it, she’s obviously putting that aside for the sake of communicating a greater truth to them–the love of Jesus. That’s real tolerance, and it seems to be in short supply at this “progressive” news outlet.

  11. is gloria next release gonna be my career wont survive. Never kick your core audience in the balls sweet heart, remember Donna Summer and Jason Donavon

  12. Mike dear – I think you’ll find that people are pissed because GG somehow believes that as Gay men and women we are somehow “Godless” rather like a bunch of stone age sun worshippers.The fact is Mike, and GG, many Gays are already “believers” and as the ex-pat Robert has already pointed out, it is the mainstream churches that have abandoned Gays and Lesbians not the other way around.We simply don’t need GG coming along and making out we are somehow beyond the pale and heathens.I am a practising Christian within a church that has no problem with sexuality. There are many churches around and frankly we don’t need to be sucked into some ultra conservative, happy clappy, arm waving Evangelical group to be told we are sinners. We’re not and there are many open minded churches out there happy to embrace you whether you are Gay, straight, bi sexual, transgendered or whatever. The MCC is a good example along with may Old Catholic churches.Therefore, GG go spread your Gospel of hate somewhere else we don’t need you dear. (Though you clearly need us as you will find out)!

  13. Err…missing the point slightly? From what I can see, because GG didn’t say “I 100% support and worship the LGBT community” she’s being branded as homophobic? Grow up. Just because she didn’t come out and embrace you with open arms doesn’t mean she’s homophobic. She made no statements even close to homophobic.Oh, and for the person who said “Where would be she be without the gays?” Answer – still sittin’ pretty. I think she makes more than enough from the drunk hurt women brigade.

  14. When you have finished maoning about GG she is not alone this loonie government is taking children away from decent homes and adopting the to same sex couples.How do you think it would feel to be placed as a child and hear that child say I am the only male in the house.Obviously this child will sue the LA for placing him with the couple.This child is not homophobic and had be wrongly removed from his real family. The barrister asked the mother how did you feel when you heard this? This is becoming very common among care cases with real mothers losing cases in the CLOSED FAMILY COURTS.I had no problems with homophobia except I read medical bundles and read the feminine one writing comments about me.I was knid to her child and even bought her a t-shirt from NY and gave it to her. She had a problem with me walking down a corridor with her child and talking to her. The teenage girl was embarrased to mention in conversation her mothers girl friend. She coloured up in the face.My child was a good earner she got paid well for her efforts. They took him on holiday to Devon to some female gathering. The child had leukaemia and was used to comfort and a decent standard of life. He quoted on tape the foster carers had to take me camping ,and I DID NOT LIKE IT.Just an opinion all the lesbians are power freak back stabbing ugly beasts who must need medication to thing that they have any thing more to offer a child.The best news is the Labour Government have a gay shopping list for cute babies and you won’t wait long for someone elses baby.How ever it won’t entirely fill the void as the child belongs were it should be and will know or guess tha difference between a gay mum and a real mum.As a preference I do not like ugly over weght butch women coming on to me . And that is it not even any other type of women either.And for what ever problems I had with my ex-partner I would agree our son should not be staying with any women .He had a right to be brought up in a hetrosexual relationship and one that he was conceived in.And I am Roman Catholic and have relatives in my extended family up North in the England however , it is too concentrated a view for a child to have being brought up by same sex.If this is a case of divide and conquer I am on the hetrosexual side .And to hell with new Labour policies for Same sex pink weridos playing happy familes

  15. Lyn, its very obvious you’re antigay and harbor some unresolved issues of your own. Antigay rhetoric finds its roots in people with deeply conflicted feelings about their own sexual orientation. The well adjusted heterosexual is not antigay when he or she is very comfortable and at peace with his or her own orientation. You need to get into therapy and resolve what it is that’s troubling you so much.You are obviously the kind of parent who would prefer a child to be adopted by an heterosexual single or couple, even if they were later proved to be abusive to the child rather than give a child a decent break in a loving gay home. We’re not all predators you know,l the majority of us aren’t and we condemn it. Last time I read statistics on pedophilia in the U.S. where I’ve lived for many years, heterosexuals seemed to have a monopoly on child molestation according to law enforcement agencies here, more so than homosexual offenders. Your sick church fosters this kind of behavior and kept pretty silent on it until several victims stepped forward years after the fact, and its still going on to this day. Priests were moved around to different parishes where they could continue doing their thing to avoid public exposure. But it caught up with them. I’m not surprised at your remarks given your religious background. Typical, Catholic response.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  16. Sister Mary Clarance 15 Jul 2007, 2:16am

    Hi LynJust having a few problems following your posting. You are incredible bitter, you had a child taken off you and/because you drink (heavily?), or you are incredibly bitter, you were taken away from your parent(s) and you drink (heavily?)? Can’t work out which it is.Maybe Gloria has some pearls of wisdom too on how you should live your life, that she would like to share with you.I do think sometimes all that dry ice tends to go to the heads of entertainers. Possibly the use of the word ‘icon’ when describing them doesn’t help matters either. We like them because there music is remotely pleasing when we are rocking from side to side after a bottle of G and 7 ecstacy on a Saturday night under an arch in Vauxhall or when we’re playing a bit of music to try and seem smooth and sophisticated to the chicken we’re slipping one up the Gary Glitter of some hours later. Nothing more.If I want advice on how to live my life, I’ll write into the advice page a Grazia, thank you very much.Why, oh why, do they think that we remotely care what their opinion is on anything.

  17. Stancel Spencer 15 Jul 2007, 8:20am

    While browsing The Advocate’s website, I came across a title that shocked me. The title of the article read:Gloria Gaynor wants to “lead gays to Christ”Me knowing who Gloria Gaynor is, one of the greatest, if not the greatest gay icons of all time, who wrote gay anthems like “I Am What I Am”, would be understandably shocked if Gloria Gaynor made anti-gay comments. But she didn’t. Gloria is a devout Christian. I am not. I am an atheist. But she is a devout Christian. Thus, when Radio 4, a UK station, host Jane Little asked whether she considered homosexuality wrong, her answer was not that she did, but she wanted to bring gays to Christ. When Little asked directly if Gaynor saw homosexuality as “sinful,” Gaynor replied, “I want to lead them to Christ, simply, and whatever he has for them.”In an era when “leading gays to Christ” is often synonymous with ex-gay therapies, it can be understandable if it can be interpreted this way. But she did not mean this. She is merely pointing to the understandably high level of atheism in the gay community. She wants to see more gay Christians, not ex-gay Christians. While I disagree that more gays need to be Christians, this is her personal devout opinion.I would point out to her that many gays are Christian and religious and there are many gay churches. Gloria Gaynor is not homophobic. Certainly not based on what is available to me from that article. If she makes a clear homophobic comment in the future, then I will concede, but I don’t think she will.She loves gays, and supports gays. Do not turn this into a controversy.

  18. Stancel Spencer 15 Jul 2007, 8:30am

    Owen Keehnen: You have such a large gay following. Has that ever come in conflict with your beliefs as a Christian?Gloria Gaynor: No.

  19. George Broadhead 15 Jul 2007, 12:28pm

    What a load of old codswollop some of your correspondents have written. This woman is clearly in the business of trying to woo gays away from their wicked ways ways by “turning to Jesus” – just as the groups in the so-called ex-gay movement do.

  20. Ex-gay….hmmmmmmmmmm. Is there such a thing as an ex-straight? Ex-gay ministries have not provided one clinical/scientific study documented in any of the mainstream scientific and medical literature? They use what they call aversion therapy and “praying away the gay”. How absurd. What is more revealing about most socalled ex-gays is that very very few of them ever engage in heterosexual sex or relationships. To me that is still about being gay but choosing to become asexual. A few do marry and have children, but many continue their gay life on the side. Yes, they fall off the wagon. They rarely if ever produce in evidence the thousands of people they claim they’ve “cured”. The American Psychiatric Association in 1973 removed homosexuality as a mental disorder from its books and the American Medical Assocation concurred. Let these socalled ministries prove that they can convert an hetero to an homosexual then maybe, just maybe they may gain some credibility. Heterosexuality is not a choice and neither is homosexuality.Another issue fueling this whole ex-gay myth is the onset of the AIDS epidemic. YOu can bet that had AIDS been an overwhelmingly heterosexually contracted disease in the western world, there would be no ex-gay ministries to speak of and probably less homophobia because this disease is one the negative things that these ministries and religious bigots equate with being gay to justify conversion to a “straight” life. Yet, they never respond to the overwhelming spread of the disease in Africa, and other emerging nations where it is predominantly heterosexually transmitted. Maybe they should do some conversion therapy there and see where it leads them.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  21. I’m surprised at the harsh criticism of GG’s evangelical comments.As a former non-believer, I know that we all need to connect with Jesus, or we’ll never know the wonderful truth about him and His Kingdom.Would/could GG have been spared such an angry reaction if she had instead said “I want to bring my audience to Jesus”???Puzzled by the controversyJohn, USA

  22. George Broadhead 15 Jul 2007, 3:43pm

    Robert is quite right of course and that is what all rational-thinking Humanists like myself think about the so-called ex gay movement which was founded in the US – surprise ! surprise! However this doesn’t mean it isn’t thriving and doing immense damage.

  23. George, thanks. I’m a Humanist too and proud of it! The ex-gay ministries in the US are doing irreparable damage to people’s lives. The claim that they can pray away the gay is absurd and offensive to intelligence. Maybe they should figure out a way to pray away terrorism (religious and political), divorce, abortion, polygamy, paedophilia, hurricanes, tsunamis, capital punishment, terminal illness, and religious bigotry. So far, they’ve failed, dismally and will continue to fail. The people who run these sects, are desperate, very sick people who are themselves in need of a “cure”. Thankfully they are a very small minority with no evidence of overwhelming success because they have no proof to document it in the established reputable literature. They’re going nowhere. Its nothing more than a front to make big money on the misfortunes of others, one of the biggest con games on the planet. The people who come to websites such as this are usually their paid shills who like to agitate and foment trouble, though I would submit they come here out of prurient interest, deeply closeted gay people. Their obsession with our sexuality and our sex lives is quite revealing, otherwise they wouldn’t waste their energy by doing what they do. Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

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