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Iran may execute more gays

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Reader comments

  1. This is barbaric, evil and medieval but then what do you expect from a country “ruled” by Islamic clerics!This also should be a wake up call to anyone who believes the creeping Islamisation of the UK is a good thing, including allowing Sharia Law a foot hold. If we allow Islamo Fascists even a small foot hold here then scenes such as the hanging of Gays will become a step closer!!

  2. oh my god! if i hear one more gay guy talking about islamo-fascism i’m going to scream!!! Could you even imagine what a tiny proportion of this country’s population is muslim? amd of that, what a tiny proportion want anything less than the liberal democratic values in which they were raised? its so minutely small! yes its increasing because of immigration but FACT: we NEED immigration! (economics lesson for you, when unemployment is low (like now), demand for goods increases which in turn, lowers unemployment further, which pushes up the cost of employment, which pushes up the cost of goods (thats inflation). basically, without immigration, we would struggle to control inflation, (as well as have a HUGE skills shortage -any one been to hospital recently?) so our economy would, well, collapse. this anti-immigration crap-trap is so ignorant its almost scary. The BNP pose a far greater threat the gays in this country than muslims ever will. how can you even critisize iran for its anti-gay prejudice when you’re so predjudiced yourself? bigotry is bigotry.

  3. Robert W. Pierce 12 Jul 2007, 3:28pm

    I concur with you Robert. Witness to date that not one Labour or Conservative member has spoken out, quite revealing isn’t it? Where are Gordon and David? Had these been Jewish or Christian heterosexuals, there would be international outrage and condemnation! Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  4. Robert W. Pierce 12 Jul 2007, 3:43pm

    Robert, there are many nonmuslim, straight white people in the UK who would like nothing more than do what the Iranians are doing. The BNP is just such a party, a xenophobic party of hatred in fact the new nazi party. I don’t think the British public would tolerate sharia law ever getting a foothold in the UK and I don’t think any reasonable UK born/based muslim would seriously believe that the public would accept it, nor do I see the BNP ever occupying 10 Downing Street either.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  5. Andy p:I’m not sure where you are living but you do talk a whole lot of horse sh*t! The biggest threat and danger to our security and life, straight or Gay, is coming from the Islamo Fascist threat (even if they are “so minutely small”. Just think about all the terrible outrages almost all have been Islamic – with the obvious exception of that nut case nail bomber of the Admiral Duncan who wasn’t at the time a BNP member. I am not one either before you jump to conclusions.On the question of the BNP, when did you last hear of one of their members strap a bomb to themselves and set it off on a bus or tube? When did you last hear a speech from the BNP where they openly state they want to kill and murder people? They haven’t. YET – when Gordon Brown was asked in Parliament by David Cameron WHY the Labour government hadn’t banned that evil Islamic group Isb Tut Tahir (or some such name)he couldn’t give a straight or honest answer yet that evil group openly spout hate and murder of non Muslims?Again, I read that teachers, firemen etc are sacked for being BNP members (a perfectly legal political party which yes you may not agree with but this is supposed to be a democracy) YET again only last week we hear that there are at least 8 members of Al Quaida in the Police force yet the police say, “sorry we have no powers to sack them”! Unbelievable yet you can get sacked for being a member of BNP!!??WHAT message does that send out to ordinary people like you and I? No, the government is letting down the public and must stand firm against Islamic Fascists – even if they are “so minutely small”, it doesn’t take more than a handful of evil men to kill a lot of innocent people as we’ve seen already.AND, if I were to choose between living in a BNP run country or a Muslim country with Sharia Law (as a Gay man) I know which I’d choose!

  6. We recently had the imam of Manchester advocating killing gays to maintain the moral purity of society. Ken Livingstone’s chum Yusuf al-Qaradawi does the same, as did several preachers of hate on the recent Channel 4 “Undercover Mosque”.Barely a peep of condemnation from the politcal Left, but if a Tory MP doesn’t like gay marriage, then they soon start shrieking homophobe.Gay Muslims are persecuted throughout the islamic world to a far greater degree than in Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Israel.Russia and many other Eastern European countries have recently decriminalised homosexuality. Yes, there is still massive prejudice, but decriminalisation was a big first step. Even China has decriminalised it within the past few years.Of the 56 islamic states, only Turkey, with a secular constitution, does not criminalise homosexuality. Though even there, you can be sacked from your job for being gay.Where is the outcry of the total lack of progress for any type of gay rights in the islamic world? Where is the outcry when the same preachers of hate spout their murderous intent in Europe? Oh I forgot, if you object to this you’re “islamophobic”.

  7. I am an openly gay man. I also live quite happily in a diverse but predominantly Muslim neighbourhood within one of our Midlands cities. Most of my neighbours are Muslim. There is a busy and very active mosque in my street (there is also a Polish Catholic church at the end of the road and an Anglican church one street away).My Muslim neighbours are without exception kind, friendly, hard-working, decent people. Some are very traditional and devout, some are quite ‘westernised’ and secular. They give me Xmas cards every year. I give them cards and small gifts of Indian sweets every Eid. In return there’ll often be a knock at the door and one of the children will be there with wonderful Pakistani home-cooking as a token of appreciation (I’m afraid I reciprocate at Xmas with shop-bought mince pies!).I simply don’t recognise my neighbours in the lazy stereotyping that is so often the response to the latest idiotic outburst from some self-styled ‘leader’ or the occasional criminal attacks that are committed by people claiming to be acting in their name. Their dismay and outrage at these rare and horrible criminal acts is unfeigned and heartfelt and is the same as that of every decent person. The point that I am clumsily trying to make is that there are extremist minorities in every group. However vocal they are, and however dreadful the atrocities they occasionally manage to commit, they are not representative of the wider communities from which they come and which they sometimes use as cover, excuse and justification for their hatred. And they never will be.My neighbours are the true representatives of the Muslim community of this country, not the violent psychopaths who claim to speak for all. And rabble-rousing imams spewing hate are no more legitimate spokespeople for ‘their’ communities than are the various idiot bishops, bile-filled rabbis and venal politicians who share their bigotry and hatred (the recent floods being ‘god’s punishment’ for the recent Equality Act was idiocy from a C of E bishop, remember).Your chances of being the victim of terrorism are smaller than those of winning the lottery. Sharia law will never be implemented here in the UK. Out capital will never be Londonistan. The Persian hordes and npt poised to wipe us all out.Campaign for better treatment for our LGBT brothers and sisters across the world. Draw attention the bigotry and injustice, of course. But don’t take the popes and imans and bishops and other deluded, self-important freaks as being representative. And ignore the hatemongers from left and right who want to sow division by adding the suffix ‘-fascist’ to the latest group of people that have become the targets of their paranoia.All the people who you will meet tomorrow, and the day after, regardless of their religion or ethnicity, in all likelihood will NOT want to hurt or kill you. And odd isolated incidents, no matter how dreadful and regardless of the books and beliefs that the criminal perpetrators use to justify them, should not become the excuse for wild scare-mongering and scapegoating. Let’s all try to calm down, take a deep breath, and remember that. My neighbours do.Oh (and the lunatics in the BNP must love this!) St.George was originally Turkish, and is venerated by many Muslims. In fact in the Middle East many Muslims have a picture of him outside their houses for protection. And there’s an interfaith (Christian and Muslim) shrine to him near Bethlehem. Isn’t that nice!

  8. Sadly, there is NO marriage equality in the UK and I do wish gay websites would desist from calling civil partnerships, marriage. They are NOT and do not resemble marriage in any way. Wake up to reality! They were designed to silence us, the “throw the dog a bone” mentality as a means to avoid the inevitable merely as a means to placate the religious bigots. Leave the UK with an civil partnership registration and see where it gets you…………NOWHERE! Full marriage is the gold standard, anywhere on this planet, unless you have that, you have nothing. Get real.Robert, ex-pat Brit. USA

  9. thank you! there are at least some voices of reason out there. oh and i live in Manchester. A city in which a large muslim community coexists with a an active gay one. The BNP would destroy that, without question. To say that there are 8 members of Al quaeda in the police force who can’t be sacked is, i’m sorry, just not true. Al quaeda is a known terrorist organisation. th be a member of them is illegal. I dont know how to explain it clearer than that. And robert (the ex pat), I agree with you entirely. the apathy among gay men regarding the civil partnership vs marriage debate is shocking and frustrating. I wonder what side the BNP are on? well, here’s a clue..

  10. Andy p, thank you. The BNP is the neo-nazi party of the UK, lets face it! Need I say more?Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA

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