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Presidential hopefuls to participate in gay TV debate

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Reader comments

  1. We won’t expect anything extraordinary from any of the candidates with the sole exception of Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel, assuming they will be appearing, both of whom support full marriage equality for gay and lesbian citizens.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  2. You can also bet that the republicans (read “conservatives) will NEVER have such a debate on these issues.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  3. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 11 Aug 2007, 2:51am

    Opponents of the gay and lesbian struggle will once again use the presidential race to promote various solutions to the ‘gay question.’ Democrats will propose shabby reform schemes while the Republicans and their superstitious allies promote punishment schemes, up to and including a ‘final solution.’ In the Democratic Party they’re reviving their strategy of vague promises followed by backstabbing treachery. The Democrats and their hacks implanted in our movement want us to forget that it was the Democratic Party, not the superstitious right, who authored DOMA (anti same sex marriage law) and DADT (don’t ask don’t tell) and rammed them through Congress. When baptist and catholic leaders use these measures against us they’re simply following the infamous path of the Democrats. Hypocrisy does not begin to describe the Democratic pretense of being our friends. They are our enemies. Offering critical assessments of the role of the Democrats and Republicans and exposing their record, as serious thoughtful activists and leaders have been doing has encouraged the many hundreds of thousands of gays and lesbians who plan on taking a pass on the elections. Sensibly enough, they think it’s a blunder to help elect our enemies. They won’t fall for the frauds that howl that “This is a crucial election.” I’ve heard that party line from hacks every year since 1964 when Democrat LBJ promised peace and said Goldwater would bring war. By 1972, LBJ’s war against the Vietnamese had expended the lives of 58,209 mostly young, mostly working class GI’s, a further 1,948 were (are) missing and 153,303 were wounded. Awful as those numbers were they pale beside the near genocidal casualty rates suffered by the Vietnamese at the bloody hands of the Democratic/Republican war coalition. Two million plus dead is the most common estimate, killed by ‘peace’ Democrats and ‘war’ Republicans united in a murderous frenzy of destruction. The oil piracy in Iraq is led by a Republican/Democratic coalition and is producing the same frenzied destruction. In that and other ‘Crucial Elections’ we’ve been told that we have to vote the right way or, by golly, the bad guys will win. True enough. But what Stonewall, HRC and Log Cabin hacks neglect to mention is that the ‘bad guys’ win no matter who wins. Both parties are employed by the ruling rich to make them richer and that is the long term outcome of every election. Futile reform laws, cosmetic at best, have been instituted occasionally but we all (except idiots and shills for politicians) recognize their limits in the context of the fundamentally reactionary social system instituted by the ruling rich. Abe Lincoln was the last President elected who wasn’t a bad guy. Bush is devastating Iraq; Reagan was an antiworker thug; Nixon wanted to be King of the World, but with the accompaniment of thunderous applause , fell off the throne; Truman invaded Korea and instituted the witch hunt against us (well before McCarthy got involved); Kennedy tried to invade Cuba and did invade Vietnam; FDR tried to waylay union struggles and forced the Japanese into war; LBJ was a mass murderer; Bill Clinton is the big daddy of DOMA and DADT , etc., etc., etc. Lastly it’s not sufficient simply to lay into the Democrats and Republicans, although no one deserves it more. Our movement needs an alternative. A ready made one consists of joining tens of millions of other citizens and just ignoring the elections, but elections, when political awareness skyrockets, can be an important arena for organizing our movement. If we get in on the ground floor of the growing labor sponsored US Labor Party and invest our effort in it and raise our program in it we’ll simultaneously help ourselves and put the hurt on Democrats and Republicans, the parties of our enemies. What could be sweeter? Bill Perdue, Las Vegas

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