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Homophobic bus driver brought to book by gay motorist

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  1. Can’t help wondering if the gentleman driving the bus would have been treated in the same way if the abuse had been rqcist rather than homophobic.As an employer, if an one of my employees used such abuse (racist or homophobic), they would be dismissed. I’m quite surprised TfL doesn’t take a stronger line on it.

  2. Steve, I totally agree. This is a class example of why there is an urgent need for hate crimes legislation, its not enough to issue an apology. Comments such as the bus driver’s often incite violence with sometimes fatal results on the part of the victim. Had it been the reverse, I think there would have been a public outcry against racism or maybe riots, plus there is legislation already in place protecting racial and religious slurs with incitement to violence. Its a double standard and its clearly homophobia. Lets face it, the reality is, gays are the last vestige of hatred in most societies nowadays. Who else is left to hate? The reason they do it is that they know there is no protection for the gay and lesbian community, so its ok to bash and commit acts of violence to justify their homophobia and bigotry. Unfortunately, our politicians still don’t get it do they?Robert, ex-pat Brit.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  3. I’d like to know why the local traffic commissioner wasn’t involved on this. PSV and HGV drivers can have their licences revoked if they are found guilty of misconduct, particularly PSV drivers. Just slapping his wrist won’t give this driver any pause for thought. As I understand it, a public order caution is a criminal offence and as such, should have been reported to the local traffic commissioner for their consideration.Even without this, London General could have and should have done more about it. Pretty disgraceful effort.

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