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Catholic hierarchy tussle with gay group over Mass rights

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  1. What surprises me is that gay Roman Catholics still want to be a part of a church which has a history of undiluted homophobia. I do not blame the Church – I don’t agree with a word or thought they may express but it is thier church. If gay people are unable to accept that superstition and unhealthy attitudes towards sex and sexuality are intrinsic to this type of organisation then they need to get out more

  2. Anonymous, I agree with you. To digress a bit, here in the U.S., we also have gay conservatives (republicans) who are known as the Log Cabin, more than one million of them. They vote into office and continue to support antigay government which enacts antigay legislation. Gay republican politicians also do the same, the latest of which is a ban on same-sex marriage in some states and any semblance of equality laws in others. I don’t know who they sleep at night.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

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