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Wal-Mart’s queer turn away from gay business group

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Reader comments

  1. I am sad to think that Walmart will be partnering with groups like this. How can I shop at a place that has lowered there standards?

  2. Well done Wal-Mart! Suporting equality and diversity. I dont see how it is possible for them to sell things that “promote” gay lifestyles!Unless they have a pill that magically turns a straight man gay or a straight woman lesbian! People can not be influenced into becoming gay.Until people like those in the AFA realise that this isnt a choice on an individuals behalf to become gay there will always be crap like this.

  3. it is sad to think that walmart has gotton to be as big as they are by serving all people equality and now they are will to advertize that they are singleing out gay and liesben being for their life style. and for law to be changed that marriage can be two men oe two women instead of man and woman. children love movies and they do not need to see this tyoe of movie as broke bac mountian we as christians should stand against these things so why would we shop at walmart mart?

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