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David Cameron defends his appointment of anti-gay campaigner

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  1. This is where Cameron’s “Token Muslim” plan starts to go pear shaped. The woman is completely useless and has ended up in the Lords because she couldn’t get elected into the Commons.The funny thing is that her homophobic opinions, fired by her religion, are similar to those of most Tories.Now it will be fascinating to see what the other Tories do – do they support her homophobia or reject her because she’s a Muslim?

  2. I watched this woman last night on Question Time and frankly I found her irritating, rude and self opinionated refusing to listen to the man ointing out the dangers posed by militant Islam.I don’t trust her or her religion and frankly she doesn’t deserve her seat in the Lords. She’s just another token person of colour and religion, PC gone mad.She’ll no doubt get on well with Ruth Kelly and I’m sure they’ll agree on a great deal!!!!

  3. This oman was banned from speaking at a Dewsbury school 2 years ago because of her views on homosexuality. She had been invited as a speaker to the prize-giving at the end of the year, but the head teacher was forced to un-invite her after several complaints from staff. The NUT also got involved. The complaints were based on the fact that Warsi’s published opinions on homosexuality were completely at odds with the Equal Opportunities policies of he school and the LEA. She was mad as hell when she was told. Shahid Malik (the labour MP who beat her in the election) attended the event in her place.

  4. When some random Tory made what were construed as racist remarks about army life, he was hung out to dry by the leadership.They should do the same with this woman.Or is homophobia acceptable if it gets enough votes from religious bigots?

  5. Let Cameron appoint many more like her, it will signal the end of the Tory party and galvanize the British electorate to the left. After the recent failed bombing attempts in London and Glasgow, I don’t think the British public in general would tolerate right wing islamic people in their government, people who want to impose islamic values and belief systems on the British public that are definitely not democratic and which subjugate women according to the dictates of the koran. Why would any right wing islamic person move to the UK or any western country for that matter when their religious beliefs are in conflict with western democracy and ideals? Cameron will have a very hard time attracting gay voters if he allows bigots like this have any power. He’s playing with fire.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  6. What do people expect. She’s a religiously blinkered bigot.Just like the BA debacle, let these sad twonks speak their minds and wear their veils, crucifixes etc – they can be then be recognised all the more easily and ignored for the brainless idiots they are.

  7. Mohammedbummedme 7 Jul 2007, 6:21pm

    I’ve never heard the fat bint say anything useful, so why does Cameron want her? He needs a pet female Muslim to make his party look more inclusive and she was the only one he could find who was so desperate for publicity that she’d do anything. Nice one Dave, I’m sure your blue rinsed membership will love her. *snigger* Try getting one with a veil next time.

  8. …”…one with a veil”! Methinks this air headed token of Moderate Islam will turn up in a full length burqua once she’s got her title and into the House of Lords! Mark my words.

  9. I have to say as a member of the Conservative party, I am a bit disappointed that someone who campaigned on a homophobia ticket has progressed any further than failed candidate.And before anyone starts with jibes about supporting the Conservatives after Section 28 etc., the equalities introduced under Labour were forced on us by Europe, through the introduction of the Treaty of Amsterdam and various other legislation. Don’t kid yourselves it was spontaneous act of generosity by a benevolent Labour government. And you only have to look at the homophobic campaign waged by (the now gay) Simon Hughes a few years ago, when the Lib Dems thought they might not win the Bermonsey seat. All political parties are as bad as one another at one time or another and all will do anything to win.That said, and back to the business in hand, whilst unlike many here, I don’t think you can say that a person’s religious beliefs should automatically bar them a place in government, to appoint somone who has ‘very strong personal views as a Muslim’ in a role in ‘community cohesion’ seems a little perverse. I think it is fair to say there are some well documented issues in relation to equality and diversity connected with here religion.I will certainly be doing everything I can to have this woman removed at the earliest opportunity. I’m sure there are many other people within the party who did win the support of the electorate at the last General Election who could do the job.Might be one for Boris, when he fails in his bid for London Mayor.

  10. Michael Aidan 9 Jul 2007, 2:55am

    In her 2005 election leaflet, Warsi backed Section 28 and attacked an equal age of consent for gays.Last week the Tory Party said “The leaflet that you are referring to does not properly represent her views” (begging the question just how many other candidates don’t believe a word of their election leaflets).When pressed by The Guardian in 2005, Warsi had protested “It’s a statement I make as I believe it. It is factually correct. Everything in this leaflet is fact.”So who leaves you really cold – Warsi and her homophobia, Cameron for appointing her and insulting us, the Tory party press office for its untruthful defence of the indefensible? Or Vichy Steve – a gay man who is ready to vote them back, Leigh, Forth, Cormack, Howarth, Winterton, Widdecombe and all.

  11. Peter Rivendell 9 Jul 2007, 9:32am

    By the same token, this surely excludes all Muslims from holding office or participating in public life – hardly the route to integration.Although, like many people, I doubt that integration is a Muslim policy.

  12. I find it ironic that here you have an Islamic woman whose religion does not believe in equality of the sexes, a religion that compels women to be subservient to men; a religion that believes in polygamy; a religion that sanctions the putting to death or torture of people simply because they are gay, witness the public hangings of gay youths in Iran in the past two years and the execution of others in Iraq. Where was the outrage from both Labour and Conservative Parties? Better yet, where was the outrage from the Islamic community, anywhere in the world, certainly none from British Muslims. Had the victims been Jews or heterosexual Christians, there would have been riots in the streets and a collective voice of condemnation from the civilised world. Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  13. Peter, that’s an interesting point. Does the British public believe that muslims in general have integrated sufficiently and if not, why? Here in the U.S.A. there appears to be some semblance of integration I suppose, we’ve not had as much unrest in the muslim community here. What bugs me is that the American media has the penchant for saying that British Muslims (most of them) are alienated and cannot integrate or assimilate as easily as they can in the U.S. How true is that really? I would have thought integration is a matter of choice, you either do it or you don’t since I’m sure there is nothing preventing them, or is there? I often wonder where American journalists get their information from. The UK is always painted as a nation of intolerance and blatant racism and that bothers me a great deal. Anyone have any thoughts?Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  14. Though I could never support a Tory government, be thankful that you have David Cameron et al. Over here in America, we have the likes of George Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest of the republican party, a party that does not support equality for gay and lesbian people at any level; a party that pushed for an amendment to the constitution to ban same-sex marriage and which succeeded in 37 out of 50 states to enforce such a ban, an abominable piece of hate legislation if ever there were one. What is so painful is that we have millions of gay republicans called the Log Cabin, people who continue supporting the conservative party, no matter what. Just be very careful and very vigilant the next time you vote.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  15. Several of you on this blog demonstrate a great deal of ignorance (if not bigotry) towards Muslims. Don’t forget that there are millions of muslims accross Europe and North America, if there were more than a handful of Muslims intent on causing trouble we would be seeing the likes of 7/7 on a weekly if not a daily basis. Most Muslim women are not subjugated nor do most of them wear a burqa or a veil, whether practising, lapsed or semi-practising. Nor do the majority of muslims in Britain wish to impose Islamic law on Britain. As is demonstrated by the fact that we have been living here peacefully for many years. How do you expect any level of integration if this is the reaction when a Muslim woman is appointed to a senior position? Personaly, I have no love lost for Mrs Warsi and have no problem with anyone questioning her appointment on what she has openly stated. However, I find it offensive that someone should be attacked for their religion. Any intelligent critique of the Muslim religion, can equally be applied to Christianity or Judaisim. All 3 of these faiths have many variants, some more tolerant than others. Dont forget that only accross the pond we have the Christian fanatics in power not only re-inventing the crusades but also diminishing gay rights that have become accepted in most civilised countries.

  16. Ali, I’m sorry if I offended you or anyone, but are you not also offended when gays are attacked and have no legal recourse as opposed to someone who is attacked because of their religion and can seek legal recourse? Religion is a protected class, being gay isn’t and there is no hate crimes law to protect us, but you’re religious affiliation is. Its obscene. Why is it moderate muslims in western countries didn’t condemn the public executions of young gay people in Iran and Iraq? There’s an old saying…”silence gives consent”. I heard nothing from any western government either.Lets face reality, Islam does NOT permit women to have equality anywhere in the middle east be they in western or traditional dress and if you’re gay, forget it, you might as well be dead. Democracy is anethema in that part of the world. Its about time western muslims stood up to the fanaticism and extremism in the middle east.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  17. Three points:Firstly, a candidate’s election leaflet is their personal manifesto. What the Conservative Party press office said is therefore laughble.Secondly, if Ms Warsi had written these things about black or Jewish people, would Mr Cameron have appointed her? I think not. Finally, this is not just a Muslim thing. Only last week the Church of England blamed the recent floods on legislation giving equality to gay and lesbian people and the Roman Catholic church refers to gay and lesbian people as perverts. You do not have to look far on this website for more examples. As in so many areas, religion in general is the problem.

  18. Did anyone notice that this woman NEVER said that she was sorry for WHAT she, or her campaign literature said, only that she was sorry for HOW it was said. She was sorry for how she said it.In America we recognize this as just another non-apology rhetorical tactic.Pay CLOSE attention to what these snakes say and NOT to what they want you to think they said. There is a HUGE difference between the two.Warsi should be confronted directly and asked exactly where she stands on Section 28, age of consent laws and Civil Partnerships and don’t let her get away with any more of these bullshit non-answers.

  19. So Cameron is mulling if Civil Partnership couples should receive the same tax concessions that heterosexual married couples will receive. Well now, doesn’t that tell you that Marriage and Civil Partnerships are two totally different things? Wake up UK, you have elected and accepted second class citizenship. Its clear that Cameron doesn’t believe in “true” equality just like Blair. If that weren’t the case, why did Blair create a separate but “unequal” class structure for gays? Cameron is no different, no better, just riding on the coat-tails of Blair. So disgusting! A message to my fellow gay Brits, desist from entering into discriminatory second class civil partnerships. They mean nothing, signify nothing. Reject them until you have won full citizenship! Leave the UK and you’ll soon find out that CPs equals zero! Not recognised outside the UK in countries where marriage equality for gays is recognised, i.e. Holland (the first), Belgium, Spain, Canada and South Africa, all of which offer full marriage to gay couples. The UK has failed, dismally.Robert, ex-pat Brit.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  20. Radical religious views of any denomination worry me and I feel pose the single biggest threat to my successful, secular & urban life. Warsi is dangerous because not only is she a bigot but it would appear that the woman is completely lacking in empathy for other marginalised groups in society. She is also a liar. The home page on her website states “I (Warsi) am working towards a Britain where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed and has a valued place in society”.

    Her actions are speaking far louder than her words. I am wondering whether there is a rider on the term “everyone”; everyone who meets Warsi’s seal of approval maybe?

    It is such a perverse analogy that her closest political allies regarding gay issues are the BNP. I suspect I’ll be accused of being racist for making that tongue in cheek observation. At a time when islamophobia seems to be inherent across the UK, I can’t help wondering whether Warsi will only serve to radicalise the more moderate gay population into a position where they distrust islam & muslim people. I really cannot see how this can possibly hope to contribute to community cohesion. Is the Conservative Party that naive? Or is there an another agenda here? In the game of equality monopoly does religious views trump gay rights everytime?

    I am affronted that the Conservative Party, so carefully detoxifying itself, would put such a person in a position such as the one she currently occupies. By trying to lead a good life as a productive citizen, paying taxes, contributing to society & enjoying the freedoms of our democracy it angers me when people who represent a clear & present danger to my way of life are allowed to spout vile rhetoric from a position of authority & gravitas irrespective of political leanings. Homophobia comes in all political colours and cannot be tolerated.

    I have had a bit of a rant (unusual for me); I just want to continue enjoying my existing freedoms & for the road to equality to be unhampered by religious bigots dabbling in politics. Is that too much to ask for? I suspect that it might be.

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