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Comment: Ex-gay journalist answers his critics

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Jul 2007, 5:19pm

    Well that’s certainly set us all straight then hasn’t it?It does rather presume however that I a) believe in God, b) believe in the devil.I’m am however glad that Michael has, in religion, found a crutch to help him through the difficulties he faces in life as a result of his sexuality.I have to say that the only crutch I am looking for at this stage in my life is down Brad Pitt’s trousers. I very much hope I find it soon and I hope that everyone else supports me in this.It is often tempting when you ready this sort of thing to response in a negative way, but Michael is weak, hence his need for a crutch, and I’m sure somewhere in the Bible it makes reference to pitying the weak and less fortune.So, God Bless you too Michael

  2. Oh dear, I thought people like him were just a myth. He needs urgent psychiatric help as this dreadful cult has done some serious damage to his small brain.

  3. It is sad to see someone who was obviously mentally strong in his youth, succumbing to some mental health issue and latching on to a religion, that then perverts his view of the world and his true human orientation.It is another example of how religions have caused and continue to cause death, suffering and misery around the world. In the 21st century human kind needs to move on from these mystical frameworks for wielding power and repression over others.The new Humanist movements show that we can all live our lives and be diverse human beings, and still conform to morally accepted principles such as it is wrong to kill, harm, steal, etc. Basic human rights.I believe religion should be banned from schools and replaced with moral citizenship based on human rights principals. Cults/religions should require an 18 certificate.As a gay man who also lived in a straight relationship for 15 years, I understand better than most the pressures that the hetro world has placed on coming to terms with being gay. Religions that have appeared within the last 1500 years are largely responsible for denying gay men and women their basic human rights, just allowing them to be themselves.I hope someone close helps him get some appropriate support.

  4. My god! This is just ramblings of someone who clearly has some sort of mental heath issue! All this magic “god is love” and *stomps foot* “jesus didn’t want me to be that way” nonce-sense, I mean homosexuality has been pretty extensively observed in almost every social animal {so it isn’t a man-made social construct, IDIOT}, yet some nut-bar who knows nothing of Science jumps in and spews all this nebulous crap! All because some praise-be freak so insecure in his own beliefs has managed to exploit someone who society (due to OTHER religious nut-bars) has managed to pressure into feeling insecure and like they need to suppress their feelings, yielding THIS. HELP THE MAN! {a medical professional please, not ANOTHER F*cking jesus joe (who are ALWAYS quick to jump on the ones who society has made insecure)}

  5. Nathanial Thorne 6 Jul 2007, 6:43pm

    What drivel. Can we look forward to articles on the world according to Scientologists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and every other cult that despises and villifies us, too?

  6. The man’s a total nut case. Anyway, I wonder just long it will be before some man catches his eye and read that he’s back to being Gay again.Also, does he really believe he can “perform” on a woman without feeling revulsion before too long?

  7. What these so-called ex-gay ministries don’t tell you is that they have never had any of their therapies (aversion therapy) or praying away the gay published in any of the legitimate scientific literature, not one clinical study has ever been done to support their claims. Plus, they can never produce any significant number of conversions; plus, very few of them who claim they’ve been converted to heterosexuality rarely if ever engage in an heterosexual relationship, let alone have heterosexual sex. Many of them remain celibate, so this means they are still gay but asexual. They become very defensive when you ask them why they don’t have heterosexual sex or are not involved in any heterosexual long-lasting relationship. So transparent.The day they can prove that they can convert an heterosexual into an homosexual, then maybe I’ll believe them but until then, its all a myth.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  8. I tell you what I thank god for ………..the atlantic ocean. It helps keep arse holes like this as a safe distance.

  9. Michael R 7 Jul 2007, 3:40am

    Its assholes like this that make it even harder to progress in society and let people see we’re not sexual deviants but just people.Of course it would be ‘god’ who tells him he could be ‘free’ of homosexuality, god as being every homophobic bigot who hides behind a cross. Obviously this screwball had emotional problems to begin with, like they always do when wanting to be ‘cured’ of theit gayness, maybe he got dumped by to many men or trolled bars get no guy would give it to him, so he wanted to be ‘cured’He couldn’t have been that great a gay supporter since I never heard of him before.I’d like to wipe that smug smile of his face, perhaps using a grinding wheel.

  10. Michael R 7 Jul 2007, 3:51am

    Also, in response to what Kevin said (below), I’ve thought the same thing as you that teaching humanity over religion is more important, and I to am a humanist.The problem is when people like this are manipulated into the cult of religion that makes them follow the flock, and sad that he’s gay and was once an open minded person.I don’t for a second believe any of this crap about it being his ‘choice’ to find his own path, he was clearly weak at the time, these religous freaks took a hold of him and drag him down into their dark way of thinking, and now he convinces himself that he’s happy. no, sorry, humanity over religion, thats how it should be, and this is something the church rarely teaches.

  11. What a load of patronising twaddle, from this prat! Like all fundamentalists he cannot see beyond his bigotry.

  12. Somebody almost got it right. We need to keep religion out of the schools. We need to replace it with:A course on how ignorance and religiously implanted fears breed hatred – mankinds greatest failure.A course on how people are brainwashed politically. If we look at what happened in Nazi Germany, all it took was economic collapse, the long simmering hatred of the Jews (Jesus’s people by the way), and a psychopath to put this all together. We know the result.C. Brainwashing religiously comes about by people be inculcated at an early age when they don’t have the understanding to say no, to see through the ridiculous stories, and stand up to adults. The foundation of all this in Christianity (and I think also in Islam, and orthodox Jewry to some extent) is the promise – the unprovable insurance which means scam that if you do as they say, you will in an unexplainable way live forever. If you don’t do as they say, you will spend eternity burning in hell, note that burning to death in a secular sense is generally considered the worst way to go. So for religion these are the twin pincers to capture and destroy original thinking in the mind. They are layered on layered on etc etc etc till all reality is gone. If you doubt this, look at the Islamic terrorists.If we can only get these issues explained / taught in schools, in a generation or two we’ll be free of the curse of tyrannical religion, whose real goal is power and money, and the leaders are so blinded they don’t even realize how corrupt they are.Religion should be about doing good for your fellow human beings, as well as taking care of your family. If there is something beyond, I’m sure you’ll be rewarded in this context. IF there isn’t anything beyond , as your life closes out you will have something to look back on, namely that you helped out others in the pool of humanity, and that’s a reward in itself, isn’t it.As for God, and life after death, first answer me who made God, where is God hiding, etc. Second remember that we all do have a reasonable chance of living beyond our lifetimes by passing on our genes shared with someone of the opposite sex, into future generations. Unfortunately nature hasn’t found a way to pass on our self awareness. Maybe the computer geeks will figure out how to clone our minds, so even if the body dies, we can still communicate and be aware of our future generations. Now that would be something………..

  13. Maybe what we need to do (and btw I’m str8, married 40 years etc, but have some horrible true stories in our family all due to anti=gay religious bigotry…Regarding the ‘pray away the gay’ crowd, maybe what we need is to start ‘pray to be gay’ groups. Then we’ll see what happens – how many are really converted each way… It would be interesting.As an example, we were walking around downtown tonite, and I remarked to my wife about a car with a Bush / Cheney sticker from the 2004 election, and another religious sticker. The owner came up with his wife, we talked a little, it was obvious he hasn’t the slightest realization of the Catastrophe Bush has unleashed on the world with the Iraq invasion, because “he believes” and Bush’s political operatives have turned him into some kind of Demi-God.* As we walked away, I told my wife I recognized the guy. I’ve seem him in the store I work at occasionally, he never buys anything or wants help. We thought he was secretly taking pictures of the high school and college age kids who work there, I’m betting to print and masturbate on those pictures. One of the mgrs last year mentioned he knew of this guy through his church, he is a known sex offender. Bingo. If I could only get his name next time he is in, it would be interesting to see if he is listed on the public police known sex offenders web page.

  14. The poor guy obviously needs help.

  15. Oh dear.Regardless of this fellow’s current sexual orientation, it is a shame that this apparently once respected journalist and activist has to frequently resort to “if you don’t believe me, look it up” as his only supportive argument. Can not everyone do this … and with any argument? I’m gay … look over there, there are some other gay men, QED.”It can show courage and belief in ones self to be able to make statements from the heart without reference to “oooh look over there, they’re doing it so I must be ok doing the same thing”.Shame And his writing style ….? This is an award-winning journalist? I smell a fake … if not a Sun columnist … except Sun columnists get to be put through a grammar checker.Remember: God “is rooting for you”Freud, anyone?!hahahahha

  16. Berk!

  17. Carl, London 8 Jul 2007, 1:56am

    Thankyou Michael. Now can I blow you, youre quite hot.

  18. I’m Jewish. So do I have to accept Jesus and become a Christian in order to stop being gay? Yes? OK, I’m just running to the nearest church! (I heard that the young Irish priest there is very cute…)

  19. If you read these comments, Michael, have look at SoulForce – a gay Christian site (yes it is possible to be both!)- on Others might find it interesting too.

  20. Michael Glatze is a fool. I pity his man trapped with his own shame and self loathing… Give him 2 years and all this brainwashing will have faded leaving one messed up gimp cruising saunas for men.Sorry, Michael, some of us are genuinely proud to be gay, and have the strength of mind and intelligence to come to terms with who we are inside, despite sad little people like you.

  21. Ditto on these comments! You guys took the words right out of my mouth!!!:

    Comment by Kevin — July 9, 2007 @ 13:18 and

    Comment by Mo — July 6, 2007 @ 17:58

    Comment by SteveMD2 — July 7, 2007 @ 5:38

  22. He says this: “Gay Identity has been packaged and fed to you, and – if you believe yourself to be “Gay” – you have eaten it, preventing you from further growth and understanding of your true and real self”

    This new belief system he has, has been packaged and fed to him and he has eaten every last bite.

    I feel a little bit sorry for him, he must be very insecure or weak minded to fall for that stuff.

  23. Get a clue dude. You’re just as delusional as the people you claim to be delusional!

    “To believe that you are Gay is to be stupid.” – To believe that you are straight when you are not is stupid also.

    Good luck on your journey though.

  24. Take it easy on this guy. He has found hapiness in talking snakes andvirgin births. let it be. More important are the highly placed christers in our governments. they are really dangerous.

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