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BBC’s attitude to homophobic language ‘damages children’

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Reader comments

  1. Way to go, Mr Brennan!

  2. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 5 Jul 2007, 10:48pm

    To describe Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles as a pig is unnecessary. Looking at his fat-back jowls, porcine little eyes and his feral air it’s all too clear. And what he is – a bigoted swine – has no place on the public airways. Every time some one is bashed the BBC and Chris Moyles should be sued for inciting violence, with damages to the victims. The first sucessful lawsuit will abruptly end his career and help silence on air homophobes. It’s a strategy that worked here in the US to break the back of the KKK in the 1980’s and ‘90’s by bankrupting them. The Southern Poverty Law Center launched many lawsuits when lynchings and beatings occurred and won huge awards by linking the incitement of bashers to their crimes. You can find out more at their website,

  3. Seriously, get a life!!! Chris Moyles producer, Aled, is gay! Chris isn’t a homophobe and if you’re offended by anything he says you really shouldn’t be listening in the first place. The Chris Moyles show is a light hearted, funny and entertaining shwo to wake you up in the morning, thats it! Its not meant the news, its humour, something which you clearly have no idea of if you’re offended by the show! Grow up! Formerly homophobic words aren’t even offensive anymore since we in the gay community commendeered them to take away their offense. It’s not meant to be taken litteraly, its light hearted humour, if you don’t appreciate it then don’t listen because there’s about 10 million people in Britain who do appreciate it (including members of the gblt community who have a sense of humour).Again, get a life!

  4. If he used the “n” world to describe people of African descent, it would be a whole different story of course. Gays are the last vestige of hatred, intolerance and the butt of jokes. How would Moyles and others of his ilk like it if we started calling him a fat heterosexual slob on the air for instance? Straights can’t have it both ways and another thing, why does he single out Gays anyway?Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  5. Another thing, how come Moyles and others never use the term “heterosexual” when denigrating people who aren’t Gay? Why does he need to bring a person’s sexual orientation into anything in the first place just to get a laugh? He IS homophobic.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  6. Can an OUT Gay person be homophobic

  7. some of the comments in this thread have been removed because they contain swear words.Please refrain from using foul language – aims to be a work-safe website and comments that contain obscenities will be deleted.Tony GrewEditor

  8. James Whale 6 Jul 2007, 4:34pm

    Excellent work by the new minister and very encouraging to see this sort of bold political statement coming from central government. We may have lots of shiny new legislation and legal equality, but social equality will not follow unless homophobic attitudes are challenged wherever they are found.Bravo Mr Brennan – more of the same please.

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