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Travolta denies Scientology is homophobic

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Reader comments

  1. Greg Churilov 30 Mar 2006, 8:00pm

    Your depiction of Scientology and your complete misquote of L. Ron Hubbard (who was not, by the way, talking about homosexual individuals when he made those statements, but about promiscuous people of any gender orientation), are baseless and false.The Church of Scientology welcomes people of any race, creed, sex or gender orientation.You can see the official GLBT Scientology site at Sincerely,Greg Churilov

  2. Greg Churilov 30 Mar 2006, 8:01pm

    By the way, did you forget about Anne Archer, a Scientologist who is currently costarring in “The L Word”, a show about lesbians?There is no conflict between Scientology and the gay community – other than an illusory one fomented by people of ill will.

  3. NoNoToXenu 3 Jul 2007, 7:59pm

    Technically, Travolta is correct in that he’s not playing a gay character, but he is portraying a character created by a gay man (John Waters) and which was originally portrayed by another gay man (Divine). The whole film (John Waters’ original, that is) has a very gay sensibility and has a strong following in the gay community. So, Travolta is about as close to playing a gay character in a gay movie as he’s ever been in his career.I am no Scientologist, but I know enough about Scientology and Hubbard to know that it is no “faith” and that Scientology does have an anti-gay stance. “Everyone” isn’t welcome; only those who can afford to pay their way into the “church” are welcome. Scientology won’t let you in for free!If anyone wants to base their religion on the works of a science fiction writer, then may I suggest Gene Roddenberry or Isaac Asimov to be the “founders” of a new faith. Their visions of future worlds were much more complete and desirable than anything old L. Ron could churn out. Hubbard had some serious personality and psychiatric disorders, which are reflected in the “religion” he founded.

  4. Oh! please! All religions, manufactured or otherwise are antigay!Thats why those “Gay” people who make their income in show business, hide behind these manufactured religions.Hypocrits….Who know their Martha, but stand by and make no comment, on the abuse of gay people!

  5. Hey Greg, keep your blind faith in this nonsense to yourself. I’m sick of Scientologists peddling their moronic rubbish about their cult (yes, cult, its not a religion, its a scam) on this site.Every comment about a scientologist on this site and twenty of these freaks jump out of the woodwork and start spouting this garbage like a feverish Tom Cruise on a couch.Fuck off Greg, and peddle this idiocy somewhere else, we’re not all as blind and dumb as you are.

  6. Don’t Vex me Travolta.Now l’ve got nothin’ but hampers of ironing to do…and my diet pill is wearing off.

  7. elizabeth veldon 4 Jul 2007, 1:56pm

    NoNoToXenu:A religion bassed upon both the writers you mentioned would be far better than a scam to part idiots from their money.To paraphrase John Smith:Sciantoligy is a tax on idiots everywhere.

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