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Isaiah Washington regrets using the F word

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Reader comments

  1. Isaiah Washington’s sorry biggoted ass should be fired. Where is the outrage from the press, if the situation was reversed they would never get their panties out of the crack of their bums.

  2. I am very offended and feel he should be punished. I don’t understand how2 white men were punished so severely about jewish and the n word but washington is just getting a slap on the wrist for the f word. shame

  3. I am not a biggoted person in any way shape or form. Being African American my parents taught me to always be tolerant even when others weren’t. To further this, my sister who I love dearly is gay.With that being said I don’t think that Washington using the F word to deffend himself against reports that he did is in any way a slur against the gay community. I think that Giuliano’s claim that Washington’s comments put gays in harms way is just riddicioulous! Just as Michael Richards use of the N word did not put blacks in harms way. It was very offensive, but no one was endangered by it.

  4. This must be Prats on display day on Pink news.Now we have another Prat, works in show business, and not aware (Like hell!), that show business is successful because of gay people!

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