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Gay journalist claims to be straight

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Reader comments

  1. “it was God who gave him the strength to free himself of his homosexual desires”Of course it was, nothing in any way to do with the fact you’re a messed up little freak. Its hard enough being gay in these times without halfwits thinking they can “change their spots” and then expecting praise for not being strong enough to be who they are. Sad man he is.

  2. How do you spell prat ?Oh! yes..P.R.A.T!How do you spell Egotist ?Oh! yes.. E.G.O.T.I.S.T!So how does theis egotistic prat, explain all the male to male sex he has had!What a wanker.”I was weak, I was horny, I didnt know anything about a vagina. I thought it was a make of car!”But this beautiful bloke was there, and he showed me!””Was I naughty?”…No mate a right parasite PRAT!

  3. “What a w**ker”Well, now that he’s reformed, the only sex he’ll be having is with his hand, so “w**ker” is appropriate!

  4. When a Gay man comes out, he is applauded, never minding, a wife who he has always sasitiffied sexually for years, and the 2.5 children successfully fathered. Why the rage when its the other way? Is it because it challenges the ‘we are born that way’ brigade? As a randy female friend of mine says, bring me a gay man, and I will have him in 10 minutes, FLAT.

  5. Oh dear, touched by the hand of god….Get well soon!

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