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Two words and a comma would enshrine gay rights

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  1. Brenda Lana Smith R af D 3 Jul 2007, 12:47pm

    While I fully support such an initiative. To me, a post-operative male-to-female gender variant person, this campaign’s present omission of gender orientation comes across as though my gay Bermudian brothers and sisters would be selfishly content on leaving the island’s gender variant folk’s lack of human rights out of the Bermuda Human Rights equation altogether… Mind you, I shouldn’t be surprised. With my 1984 Made-in-USA chemosurgical facilitated womanhood relegated to socializing on the periphery of the island’s cliquish gay community, I wasn’t able to appreciate either the political benefits or the existence elsewhere of an all embracing LGBT community until the advent of the internet since moving to Britain 1989…

  2. The age of consent is 18 for male-male sex, while female-female sex is legal at 16, 16 for heterosexuals also. Campain for an equal age of consent also in Gilbralter South of Spain. same age of consent laws as above, Capain!, Campain!!

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