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32 charged at New York gay bar after police drugs raid

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Reader comments

  1. you should be more carefull about your facts- or lack therof!! None of the staff were charged with anything at mr.BLACK….in fact the whole thing was a waste of everones time and money and you guys should be embarrased for sensationalizing it.

  2. res_ident 4 Sep 2007, 8:29am

    I’d just be curious to know the percentage of gay bars/clubs compared to the percentage of straight establishments that get busted/raided both historically and recently. Annoying. There are nearly no gay dance venues in NYC anymore. Do we call this ‘progress’ in the ‘new gay friendly society’? hmmm.

  3. glynnmcwilliams 4 Sep 2007, 1:56pm

    what a load of old rubbish , theres loads of gay bars in new york. i went to four last year , we here to stay so get used to it

  4. res_ident 4 Sep 2007, 9:57pm

    re: glynnmcwilliams – If “loads of gay bars” is a response to my comment, you missed my point. I grew up, and still live in Manhattan. I didn’t say there was a lack of gay bars (which there are plenty of) – I said “nearly no gay DANCE venues” – which has nothing to do with the number of gay bars.

  5. mr black is one of the few gay venues in NYC where my girlfriends and I have felt the most welcome by the boys and the friendly staff. I really hope they reopen. Ive never seen anything illegal going on there. I think the police just needed a fix of the television DRAMA they had hoped their jobs would be when they recruited. Free Black! xx

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