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Rain fails to dampen London’s Pride

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Reader comments

  1. I was there brillant time-rain did not dampen my spirtsOne thing they did not show doctor who as said dvd player was not working and curefew was on at 8pm

  2. My friends and I were incredibly peeved that the organisers preferred to keep us all standing in the rain waiting for the Dr Who finale than to tell the audience that things were running late and that it wouldn’t be happening.

  3. Can anyone confirm for sure whether Harriet Harman did turn up. There were some mistakes earlier on in the report – for example it said before that Dr Who was shown, which it definitely wasn’t (That bit has been edited out now). So I wonder if the report on Harriet Harman is based on what was planned rather than actual events.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Jul 2007, 4:18pm

    For those of you that missed Doctor Who. A quick résumé:It was excellent. The Doctor is still stuck on the ship with the Master. The girl whose name I don’t know (and who I’m not that keen on to be honest) ends up on the planet (Earth). Travels round the world, invisible to the flying balls because she has the key to the Tardis around her neck, inciting resistance. She comes back to Britain and meets some quite good looking bloke and they go to see some old scientist lady (ugly) who helps them bring down a flying ball to have a look at it. When the open in its got a little head inside which is in some way connected to a previous episode that I did see. This is important because it is a paradox (but I think I need to see the other episode to really understand it).Back on the ship, some woman, who I vaguely recognise, (but that might be from Casualty or the Bill) tried to free the Doctor. I got back from the gym a bit late last week, so who she is isn’t entirely clear.) tries to free the Doctor but fails and get locked up with the good looking one from Torchwood. I think he’s American or Welsh. The Doctor gets shrunk by the Master for reasons I’m not entirely sure of again and looks like Gollum.Back on Earth, the doctors assistant that I don’t really like and the good looking guy that I do, leave the ugly old scientist and go someone where to do something else. The ugly old scientist then dobs them in to the Master, because she’s worried about her (probably already dead) son. The Master comes and get them and shoots the good looking guy and captures the assistant that I don’t like anyway.Missed a bit because I was having my dinner, but the Earth doesn’t get destroyed, the Doctor turns back to normal, the Master get shot (dead) by a random extra, and the assistant that I don’t like decides to stay on Earth so won’t be in the Christmas Special. The paradox thing comes up again and in true Bobby Ewing in the shower style, everything reverts back to normal again and all the bad things never really happened. Turns out at the end that the good looking one from Torchwood wonders if he’s going to be good looking for ever (don’t we all) and during conversation with the Doctor it is revealed that his old nickname was the ‘Face of Bow’. So that I think answers the question, enjoy it while you can matey, at some point in the future you’re going to become a pig ugly freak.And with those final sage words, I bid you farewell….

  5. Was Harriet Harman ever at the event, because I heard she was at a COBRA meeting because of the emergency

  6. Yes Ms Harman was there and a full report of her speech will be up on later today.Our reporters had left Trafalgar Sq before Dr Who was supposed to be screened, hence the confusion. Pride officials contacted me about the cancellation of the screening and have promised to come back to me with an explanation as to why it was not shown. As for the COBRA meeting, it initially appeared that Ms Harman had left Pride to attend, then it was revealed that she had not. I hope that answers everyone’s questions.

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