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Rowan Williams backtracks on gay bishop snub

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  1. At least now the Archbishop of Canterbury is thinking correctly as he ponders sending that invitation to Gene Robinson. Why punish Bishop Robinson? He did nothing but be elected a bishop in his church! The group that should not be invited are those connected with Akinola of Nigeria. This man has broken rule after rule by taking on congregations that were not in agreement with giving a blessing to same sex unions. In other words, Akinola trampled on the territory of other duly elected bishops. What kind of leadership is that? What kind of example is that?I’ll tell you a secret. There was never any need for these people to leave the Anglican Communion. It is simple: some individuals have certain ministries, other persons in the church have their ministries. Different ministries for different folks! You don’t want to bless a couple, then go and serve at a soup kitchen.Have you noticed that this so-called “crisis’ in the Anglican Church has produced some real power-hungry men? Let’s focus on those leaders of congregations who jumped into the limelight and newspapers over their outdated interpretations of the Bible that would not stand up in any mainstream school of theology. It’s power. Just pure power.

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Jun 2007, 12:17pm

    I think you are absolutely right. Religion is about power over others and nothing else in my view (though I suspect not entirely yours). With that power also comes wealth or other advantage.There are those in life that like to lead and those that prefer to be given some direction. If it is used as a crutch for those that need support through life, then I think it is a valuable tool to guide them through a minefield of marale decisions that life presents us with, should we not be able to see the correct direction ourselves.Throughout time though this ideal has been corrupted by those seeking to empower only themselves, who prey on the weakness and insecurity of others. Many people have seen the issue of gay ‘marriage’ as an opportunity to further their own agendas. It would appear that The Archbishop of Canterbury is a poorly advised, weak fool, who is going to help them to do so.

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