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London’s gay community will march despite the bomb

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Reader comments

  1. Chilling reminder about Soho, yes. But your report on this is totally sensasionalist. It was in Central London in a busy thoroughfare and intended for the night scene there. Making a comparison to a probable connection with the Pride march has not even been mentioned in ANY news media. Typical of the press paranoia.

  2. Peter Rivendell 29 Jun 2007, 4:25pm

    All very true no doubt, and yet, if that bomb had gone off, Pride would be off and who knows what indefensible mayhem would have been caused. I’m no counter-terrorism expert but I would guess that the most effective way of planting a car bomb is not erratically bumping it into a bin and then running off, so who knows what the target was… or what these sick, twisted nutters had planned. One thing is for sure – the gay community isn’t on their Christmas card list – their hit list, maybe.

  3. elizabeth veldon 29 Jun 2007, 5:10pm

    I’m not sure you can link this and pride and reporting it as such is perhaps a littlwe sensationalist?

  4. It was ladies night and hetero hell. If you remember the statement of the jailed terrorists, they wanted to blow up the slags on the dance floor….enough said and thank goodness it never happened.

  5. anyone know when soho pride is?

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