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TURING: Forty years on

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  1. Re: Turing…40 Years On.”And yet, things have changed rapidly in the West over the past few decades, and nowhere more so than in the UK.”To some extent yes and all for the better, but….our country can hardly make the claim that rapid change has occurred nowhere more so than in the UK. We’re way behind Holland (the first), Belgium, Spain, Canada and South Africa. All have legislated for FULL equality without exception and without creating an additional tier to the class-system that plagues our society. Separate and equal is not about equality, lets be realistic about that. Better than nothing? Yes, but not better enough and never will be until we are fully integrated. We can go on deluding ourselves and becoming reticent that we need not do any more and to accept discriminatory partnerships as marriage without the name, but in reality they are NOT. Until they are recognised as such by our government, we will remain second-class and apart from the rest of society. Marriage is the GOLD standard, nothing less will do. Marriage for all will only make society a better place and help reduce homophobia in the process. Canada realised it so did Spain of all places. This must change, rapidly so and nowhere more than in the UK.To digress, 80% of Tories in a recent Liberal-Democrat poll voted against Gay and Lesbian equality laws. David Cameron voted against the repeal of Section 28. So if you think you will achieve more equality, perhaps full marriage equality under the Tories, dream on.Robert, ex-pat Brit.