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Gay rumours whirl around Prison Break actor

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Reader comments

  1. someone explain to me how the two of them have been at each others houses “all the time” in the last six months when Prison break films in Dallas and Luke was in LA for BS and then went off to China for a mini series.

  2. Woh that is a shocker, Wentworth Miller is gay. How come all of he hot guys are gay it is so not fair. If he is gay, i don’t see why he is hiding it. He should come out of the closet.Anyway he is well hot. I love him.

    1. its also a rumour, he might not be gay, so it might not be shocking.

  3. Stage 1 – ‘Oh, no, I’m not gay, but I’m cool with them and if you want to fantasise about me that way, that’s fine, just keep watching the programmes I’m in/buy my music/consume product as appropriate. Thing is, at the moment, I have to keep opposite sex fans on board as well and I haven’t quite sussed out where they’re at.’
    Stage 2 – ‘Well, of course, I am now so committed to hot designer boyfriend/girlfriend X that I know I really mustn’t hide anymore – it’s just that up to now I’ve seen it as only my personal business and I really wasn’t trying to look straight to keep those unpredictable fans mentioned above on board. How could you think that? Anyway, people love you even more if you don’t seem to be hiding your real self. Well, a lot of them, anyway, and those pesky zoom lenses always pick something up in the end.’
    Stage 3 – ‘I’m not just a pop/tv/movie star who wants to keep in the public eye. I’m a person who believes in fairness and equal rights and so will get in front of every camera and microphone I can along with the campaigners and politicians fighting for lgbt rights.’
    Let’s see if it’s a case of the above – watch this space. And, by the way, I’ve no problem with stages 2 and 3 – it all helps, whatever the motives.

  4. who wants to be on the same team as perez hilton I dont blame him for staying in the closet

  5. TheSuburbanBi 11 Jan 2011, 10:28am

    Miller said, “Certain people are going to have certain fantasies. “If someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man or one of each, that’s cool with me as long as you keep watching the show.”

    Does it really matter if he is gay, straight, bi, or any other term you like? He’s a performer. just enjoy him perform. Whatever role he plays, he’s bound to please pretty much everyone. And whatever his personal life, all the best. End of.

  6. Steve@GayWebHosting 12 Jan 2011, 10:31am

    Yeah, it is HIS business anyway. If he chooses to remain private, well, good luck to him with all of the gossip columns and blogs etc… But if he does choose to come out.. I´m sure he will be a great role model to many young gay lads everywhere..

    Whatever though.. It should be HIS choice.

  7. chunkymunky 12 Jan 2011, 2:03pm

    Mcfarlane is 30 not 27! sheeesh PN do a bit of research luv!!!

    1. He WAS 27 at the time the story was written, genius. LOOK AT THE DATE: 2007.

  8. Where is Blasia?

    1. its “black-asian”- afro/asian roots…

  9. halloween and the zombie threads appear! spooky!

  10. well im glad he is ‘cool with it’ am i reading heat? you have let me down here pink news i thought this was a news source for lgbt issues not an outlet for gossip. it was only the other day i had a rant about assumptions in the post about kelly clarkson. this makes a news source i have a lot of respect for sound like the same small town bigots who assumed she was a lesbian.

    yes im aware it was reported as a rumour but some of the people here have clearly read it as a fact. thats how rumours work.

    if he is gay, lets shut up about it until he comes out.

  11. just checked the date. why dig up an old story, hes probably out by now.

    *takes back the nasty things he said about pink news in light of all the good stories that have been written in THE PAST FOUR YEARS*

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