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Anti-gay Tory defects to Labour

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Reader comments

  1. He is no Eurosceptic!

  2. In the Tory Party, Davies was considered on the Left, not on the Right

  3. “Mr Davies, 63, is a Thatcherite and Eurosceptic. “The opposite. he’s pro Europe

  4. He is pro-Europe, and says hes left due to Cameron’s stance

  5. He’s a complete wanker and isn’t fit to be anywhere other than in the Tory party.

  6. On Newsnight tonight – what a plonker!Alan Duncan took him to pieces.The Labour Party is welcome to him.

  7. I saw Newsnight too, he was useless and the other Tory was like a silly giggling girl who spent most of the interview either giggling or looking frightened. Quentin Davies is a Tory to the core, all those years in such a disgusting party have taken their toll. As Paxman said, Labour will chew him up and spit him out before the next election. He’s vile.

  8. He’s joining with labour the second tony blair is leaving number 10, doesn’t this make anyone suspect where Gordan Browns take on gay rights will go. It seems to be with blair gone, an obvious bigot like that joins the present power, just to try and stear things up.I see dark times ahead if homophobic bastards like him are joining with the present governmental rule in the u.k.

  9. By it’s very nature, the Labour Party is open to pretty much anyone – that doesn’t mean that his CLP or the rest of the party will welcome him with open arms.You can’t make any assumptions about Gordon Brown simply because a silly old fart like Quentin (how camp is that name?) has crossed the floor. The Party won’t trust him, and I don’t suppose the Leader will either – but it was a lovely kick in the nuts for Cameron – if he has any. He won’t be around after the next election as he represents an area where a dead sheep could win an election if it had a blue rosette pinned to it.

  10. whu dont the labour party say , no thank you. |For the record , I aint voting for Gordon

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