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Abu Hamza unhappy with gay nurse

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Reader comments

  1. Make him wipe his own arse then – preferably with that hook.

  2. This is justice if you ask me, a vile man like him should be thankful that anyone would want to tend to him at all.

  3. This is evidence enough that a hate crimes law to deter antigay violence be implemented, immediately. This man along with his ilk are enothing but scum, neanderthals living in the middle ages. If they hate the west so much, why don’t they go back from whence they came, always trying to impose their religious bigotry on others. Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  4. We could always Hamza with the same respect he has shown for us. Let him lie in his own excrement if he doesn’t like what this nurse is doing for him.I applaud the dedication, tolerance and self-control of the nurse for professionally getting on with the (I imagine) revolting job of caring for this deranged bigot. He should get a promotion and a pay rise.

  5. Just ran across this. How about we just say that this guy is unhappy. Period. I mean, look at him. No wonder he is full of hate and vitriol. But a little personal responsibility would do. Oh, I forgot; easier to take out your self-hate on others.

  6. The Islamic world just doesn’t understand what means “human rights”, of any kind. Apparently they think it’s rights only for them, not for others.

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