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Paisley refuses to apologise for gay remarks

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Reader comments

  1. Oh dear, here we go again. Ignorant people who think gay people “choose” to be gay.Yes, of course we do… we just love having to listen to the kind of crap that comes out of the mouths of people like you.And just one other question…. Why are you reading Pink News???

  2. Exactly how Mr Paisley do gay and lesbians harm each other and society in general? By having the least amount of crime on crime within any one group? The highest disposable income of any minority? The highest education standards by any one minority? The highest amount of in-group caring of any sector? By being better parents to their kids then the average straight couple? You and people like you constantly seek to de-humanise the gay community by ignoring anything and everything positive about our lives and our contributions. You are a disgrace as a politician with your unsubstantiated bigotry. Speak your vile about any ethnic group and you would be shit canned, which is what I sincerely hope your voters do to you at the next election.

  3. Paisley is a religious nutter. The religious lot have lost their hateful argument against gay equality big time. Ignore him. Everyone else does.

  4. mark donahue 31 May 2007, 10:45am

    Paisley Jr is a laugh in this country, he is quite rightly dubbed the “baby dinosaur”, but again, even if right minded people shrug their shoulders and say “thats the DUP all over”, then he gets away with it! He should be forced to apologise as he is a junior minsister for equality in the new administration or even resign. The deputy first minister, Martin McGuinness of Sinn Fein has condemned him and said sanctions should be imposed. Thank God for cross party power, or else we would be stuck with the like of the DUP running the country on their own and getting away with allsorts!

  5. Hmm. I wonder where he got his homophobic views from in the first place.

  6. Rob, Ian Paisley Jnr gets his ignorant views from his thick as shit father, who didn’t even have the brain power to come up with an original name for his son! lol

  7. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 31 May 2007, 7:08pm

    The paislyite DUP is the party of the colonialists in occupied Ireland and has deep roots in fascist politics. The DUP is the party of misogyny, homophobia, terrorist death squads, racism, union busting goons,, etc. These parasites will have to be removed (ala Algeria and the French colonialists in the early 1960’s) before Ireland gains it’s full independence. Sinn Fein is the party of Irish Indendence and is adopting a far-reaching socialist program. Both in the Republic and in occupied northern Ireland SF deserves the support of all gays and lesbians.

  8. The Paisley family are like a putrid cancer in the Province and the sooner they and their kind are cut out the better. I live in England, and am not a Roman Catholic, but fully support SF and their policies. They’d certainly get my vote if I was unfortunate enough to have to live in Northern Ireland under the Paisley’s.

  9. I was under the impression that under the Civil Partnership law, couples are permitted to adopt children or does it not apply to N. Ireland? Can someone please explain. Thanks.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  10. David Jessop 22 Jun 2007, 8:25pm

    This Paisley Jnr fool only attained his position through his father. Hate breeds hate.By the way – love the dyed hair sweetie.

  11. Repulsive? Has he taken a look in the mirror lately! Jezzzzz.

  12. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Jun 2007, 1:26am

    David, “Repulsive? Has he taken a look in the mirror lately! Jezzzzz”. That’s a bit low. Just because he looks like he’s been hit by a shovel (or should be). Probably born of a weak sperm from that pig ugly bigoted cu …. old fool of a father, so what do you expect really?He might not be much to look at (at all) but at least he’s got the brains to use what little he has been given in this life to get on and make a name for himself. Many people in his position would have been tempted to step out of their father’s shadow and stride boldly forth out into the world to make a name for themself Not so ‘Mini me’. The guy used his head, followed in his bile-filled, bigoted father’s footsteps and launched into an attack on us gays to get a bit of cheap publicity.A few weeks ago no one new who this twat was, in a few weeks time hopefully we won’t either. Five minutes of fame if five more than this tosser deserves.My only regret about going to hell, is that I’ll probably have to share it trash like this.

  13. Nepotism should not be tolerated, but what can you expected from the bigots in the DUP? He’s as ugly as his father!Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  14. elizabeth veldon 24 Jun 2007, 11:32pm

    and he’s any diffrent from a certain individual in the Westminster Parlament how?

  15. Mr Paisley Junior, you claim that your homophobic views are, “…backed by the Bible, and [therefore, you are] entitled to express them”.I seem to recall that the views back in the 17th and 18th century that it was OK to enslave Africans and treat them like possessions was also, “Backed by the Bible”. The burning of old women in past centuries accused of being Witches was, “Backed by the Bible”.The stoning of adulterers was, “Backed by the Bible”.The slaughter of thousands of Jews in places like York back in Medieval times was also, “Backed by the Bible”.The terrible treatment of the poor in the 19th century and the cruelties of the Poor Law Reform Act and Work Houses right up into the 20th century was, “Backed by the Bisble”.And frankly most other vile and cruel mistreatments meted out to anyone or any group your particular doesn’t like is also, “Backed by the Bible”.Mr Paisley, I think it is true to say that your understanding of the Bible and what you believe it tells you to do is clearly NOT infalible, any more than the Pope is!Time then to stop hiding behind the Bible and just admit that you and many like you are just good old fashioned homophobic bigots!

  16. Robert W. Pierce 6 Sep 2007, 5:16pm

    Roberto, absolutely correct. Further, if Paisley had said the same of Jews, Muslims, Hindus, there would of course be public uproar and the appropriate action taken followed by swift commentary from government officials. The dumb heteros just don’t get it do they? This is nothing more than speech intended to incite hatred and the perpetration of a crime. In short, homophobia, plain and simple.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  17. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 6 Sep 2007, 6:41pm

    Thomas, you say ”Paisley is a religious nutter. The religious lot have lost their hateful argument against gay equality big time. Ignore him. Everyone else does.” I think that’s a combination of hopeful overstatement (I wish it were true) and truly bad advice. Little Ian is much more than just superstitious bigoted lout. He and his daddy, Ian Paisley Sr. are leaders of an organization that is more criminal mob than political party. The DUP and their associated colonialist groups are pro-capitalist, anti-gay, anti-Irish, pro-colonialist, misogynist, and racist, etc. If it’s bad they’re for it and if it’s good they don’t like it.They aren’t simply superstitious christian lunatics and compulsive haters and we ignore them to our peril. I called them a mob because they engage in murder on a huge scale, often with the aid of English security, police and military forces. Most of their victims are Irish civilians and resistance fightesr, but they’re beginning to target gays for harassment and beatings and a couple of the young men recently murdered may have been victims of antigay bigotry. The Paisleys and their gangsters organize job, housing and other forms of discrimination to create a system where the Irish, in Ireland, are used as an underpaid underclass to the benefit of capitalist enterprises owned by a foreign power. They also discriminate against women, and of course, against gays. They should not be ignored; they should be fought tooth and nail, “By Any Means Necessary” as Malcolm X said.

  18. Quite correct Bill, and to add:All the hate and criminal actions by the DUP and the Paisley’s are of course “Backed up by the Bible” (so they must be right, aren’t they?)!

  19. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 6 Sep 2007, 6:58pm

    Robert, when you say “The Paisley family are like a putrid cancer in the Province…” and ” I… fully support SF and their policies.” you’ve captured the essence of the matter. For now SF is the only party in the Republic or the occupied north that militantly supports gay and lesbian equality. They have yet to develop an analysis of antigay bigotry or a comprehensive program to fight it,but they’re moving in that direction.

  20. Hi Bill. Yes, I have been very pleasantly surprised (and as a non Roman Catholic myself – raised as an Anglican) at how SF have clearly embraced democracy and Gay Rights.I was never a fan of the SF during the “troubles” but now they are in Office I would most certainly support them should I ever find myself living in Ulster.As for the DUP and the wicked Paisleyites, well least said about them the better perhaps?!

  21. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 6 Sep 2007, 8:49pm

    Hey Roberto,I’m half Lakota Souix and half Irish so I’d hate living in the occupied north – I’d get punched by this or that kind of bigot every time I turned around. I’m a a totally relapsed, maybe even collapsed ex-catholic. I’ve always been a fan of SF, before, during and after the troubles. I think SF will soon have a rounded socialist program that can appeal to everyone but Paiselyite pigs and the new billionaire class in the Republic.During occasional discussions with activists they’ve said that the level of antigay violence and harassment is climing steeply. Part of the problem is that the DUP sponsored terrorist gangs are at loose ends, and need to kick ass somewhere else. (Not that they’ve stopped going after the Irish, police and fire services in Londonderry issued fire blankets to Irish children last year after a fire bomb attack.) The paramilitary gangs have turned to robbery and murder for hire and are a serious criminal problem. They seem to be the main culprits in the antigay attacks, but nobody knows for sure.

  22. Click here to complain to the to the “Homophobic” Northern Ireland Assembly Ombudsman:QWN

  23. Bill Perdue, please don’t call my home “the occupied north”. We are in no way occupied. You make it seem as though foreign forces are patrolling our streets imposing their rule. If you knew your history, you would know that in 1921 the Parliament of Northern Ireland, in a free and democratic process, voted to remain as part of the United Kingdom, and not join the Irish Free State. It is what the people wanted.Don’t get me wrong, I dislike the DUP too, but I don’t much care for SF either. You describe them as terrorists and foreign colonists, as though SF are such saints.And on the matter at hand, if Paisley Jr. had made those comments about any other minority here, he would have lost his position in the administration. I find it unacceptable that the ombudsman could find that his remarks do not breach the code of conduct.

  24. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 7 Sep 2007, 8:46am

    Jaye, you claim that “We are in no way occupied. You make it seem as though foreign forces are patrolling our streets imposing their rule… In 1921 the Parliament of Northern Ireland, in a free and democratic process, voted to remain as part of the United Kingdom, and not join the Irish Free State. It is what the people wanted” Whoa, those are some pretty big whoppers. Foreign English military forces and PSNI police DO patrol the streets in the occupeid north and until very recently they, and the crazed Paisleyites routinely murdered and terrorized the Irish. The elections of 1921 are invalid. Only all Ireland elections are valid in Ireland. It is not what ‘the people’ wanted; it’s what the colonizers wanted. In a recent PinkNews report Alan Wardle, head of public and parliamentary affairs at Stonewall, said, “ … we have been very heartened by the continued support of Sinn Fein. They have been quite stalwart in their support of lesbian and gay rights.” And, critically, SF and the IRA forced the English Army to stand down. The French were in Algeria for better than a century and a half and millions of non-Algerian French nationals lived in Algeria. The Algerians were terrorized to maintain cheap labor for foreign companies. The French are gone. Algeria is Algerian. In Palestine an occupying colonial state has reduced Palestinians to utter poverty and routinely terrorizes and murders them to steal their land and create a cheap labor force for colonial enterprises. These colonists will have to accept citizenship in a revived secular, democratic Palestinian state or leave. Palestine will be Palestinian. Residents of the occupied north will either go home or become citizens of a reunited, secular democratic Ireland or leave. Ireland will be Irish. It’ll happen soon enough.

  25. Ciaran McMahon - Dublin 7 Sep 2007, 9:05am

    Bill, have you actually BEEN to Irland? What you describe is not the Ireland where I live, north OR south.

  26. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 7 Sep 2007, 8:26pm

    No, nor have I been to Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Russia or any of the other flashpoints where the lives and wellbeing of gays and lesbians are at risk. I find out what’s going on reading/viewing Electronic Intifada, An Phoblacht, the newsletters of the ILGA, the Troops out Movement and many other sources. I don’s subscribe to the insular view that we have to be ‘on the ground’ to know what’s going on and form opinions. I trust those sources over complacent insularity. Ireland is in flux. The Republic is prosperous, very educated and even has an immigration problem. But there are still gay bashings, murders, and suicides and not everyone is well-off. In the occupied north the situation of gays and lesbians is heating up, the English are still there, and the Irish are still ‘second class’ citizens in their own country. The ‘unionist’ gangs, when not killing each other are turning into a mafia and engage in gays bashing. I think SF, which remains committed to reunification and formulating a socialist program is the best hope for substantive change.

  27. Bill, the Northern Irish could leave the UK if they so wanted and join Eire, its always been an option, as long as its done democratically through the ballot box. If sufficient numbers of people in the republic moved north and pushed for withdrawal from the union, it would accomplish that quite easily. Ditto Scotland and Wales, nobody is forcing them to remain in the union, they’re free to leave at any time. The people in England would have no ojbection to that. I echo Ciaran’s comments, I’ve been to both north and south and I don’t see the situation that you describe at all. There are gay bashers in every country and did you know that in Holland, the first to legislate equality, antigay crime is the highest in Europe so much so that the government has had to intervene, far higher than it is in Ireland and elsewhere in western europe. Robert, ex-pat Brit.

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