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Army bans soldiers in uniform from London Pride

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Reader comments

  1. quote: Although General Dannatt is a committed Christian, it is not thought his personal religious views influenced his decision.yeah right?

  2. As they say, “those who cant think: fight”

  3. If Dannatt was a socalled “christian”, openly Gay men marching in uniform in a parade of any kind wouldn’t be an issue, obviously for him it is. Lets face reality, its homophobia, his personal religous beliefs hiding behind the guise of “christianity”. Its rife throughout the society. Another thing, straights are always lambasting us for being open and out about our sexuality, but take a look at “them”. A heterosexual married couple are flaunting their sexuality when they walk hand in hand on the street or better yet, embrace or wear a wedding ring. That’s telling society…..”look, we’re straight and we sleep with one another”. They are ramming their sexuality down our throats too. They’ve always taken their full equality and freedom for granted. We have every right to be angry and be out and proud. Let them suffer oppression for centuries and see how they like it by denying them their freedoms. Get it?Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  4. Jacob Matthews 22 Jun 2007, 1:32pm

    It is not thought by whom that General Dannatt’s religious views influenced his decision?

  5. Dannatt should remember he is a public servant first and a Christian second. I suggest he listen to Eddie Mair’s thoughtful Radio 4 series on the damage and waste of lives caused by the Army’s longstanding bigotry and homophobia, and then have a good hard think about whether he is fit to lead a modern army. Is anyone else sick of paying taxes so that bigots and the superstitious can inflict their unfounded views on society at our expense?

  6. Ex Time served Regular 22 Jun 2007, 2:53pm

    Well done Sir RichardIt was a sad day when the Army allowed the “others” to be let out of their closet

  7. well done sir richard, for using an army to defend freedom and the rights of the indivual. Except of course if they are gay?

  8. Cool it Robert.If your parents had not had hetero sex, you woudl nto hav ebeen born, nor any of your loved ones. Celebrate it!

  9. Nike, why should I or any other Gay person cool it? I’m fully aware of how I came into this world as are all of my Gay compatriots, that was not the point of my comment and you just don’t get it. What I’m getting at is the hypocrisy of heterosexuals, nobody denies them their rights or mocks their sexuality just because of who they are. Why are we always the butt of ridicule? How would heterosexuals (assuming you are one) feel we as an entire group mocked yours and others’ sexuality and made offensive and disgusting jokes about it, let alone legislate discrimination against you to deny basic civil rights? The problem with homophobes such as Dannatt is that they want everything [their] way or else its the highway. Sounds like the George Bush method. Their way is not necessarily the right way either just because they’re in the majority and assume the air of moral superiority which they are not. I do celebrate that I was born to two loving, supportive, nonjudgmental parents who loved me unconditionally, not because of my sexual orientation but because of who I am; which doesn’t mean I have to celebrate heterosexual sex in the form of people who bring children into the world willy nilly, some of whom have several children with different fathers yet the majority of heterosexuals never denigrate that, but they’re swift to judge and condemn Gay sex. Dannatt and his ilk are nothing more than class-ridden hypocrites and homophobes.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  10. Faggots + Army = BIG PROBLEMS. Just think of all those soldiers eyeing up the sultry,tanned,bearded Afghans and Iraqis..!!!

  11. Queeny, you seem to have issues with sexuality, Gay sexuality. You seem unhappy and frustrated. If you’re not Gay, though I suspect you’re deeply closeted, why don’t you make better use of your time looking for a woman and stop obsessing about what Gay people do in the privacy of their homes. People like you who come to Gay websites just to agitate are the most suspect of all. Grow up and get a life!Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  12. Martin Davies - C of E Gay Clergy Spouse 14 Jul 2008, 11:09am

    Don’t worry Dannatt.
    We have your number…
    Institutional homophobia and as usual it comes from religion.

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