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Tories deny their MPs are anti-gay

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Reader comments

  1. They really don’t like hearing the truth do they! How will Cameron cover this one up? A new “vote blue go pink” stunt perhaps? Cycling to work in a studded leather cap perhaps?They’re the same old nasty Tories that they always were.

  2. elizabeth veldon 20 Jun 2007, 6:18pm

    They’re the same old nasty Tories that they always were.–‘hello!’ says Cameren, ‘this is the new Tory party.”Wait a minute!’ screams the public, ‘why does it look the same as the last one!”Oh,’ says Cameran, ‘we’ve had the painters in…’

  3. “MPs in the House of Commons forced a vote on the Sexual Orientation Regulations (Bill). The regulations passed by 310 votes to 100.29 Tory MPs voted in favour of the regulations, 85 against.”So a whopping 85% of the ‘no’ voters – those who want the keep gay people as second-class citizens – were Tory MPs.”Anyone involved in the Conservative Party will know that, just as in the rest of society, there is widespread acceptance of equal rights for homosexuals and one could expect a proper survey of our MPs to reflect this.”Er…I think that vote was all the survey needed, don’t you?The vast majority of the Tory party remain, as they always were, rabidly homophobic.

  4. Margaret, I totally concur with you. Conservatives are notorious for their homophobia. They are much like the Church of England, bigoted and self-righteous. To prove they’re not, if they want to win the next election, let them convert Civil Partnerships into full marriage equality and then we’ll have the proof. Let’s not forget it was the Tories who legislated that abominable section 28 and it was Labor who repealed it. The majority of Conservatives still support what section 28 stood for.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  5. Sister Grim 20 Jun 2007, 9:02pm

    Sadly, as far as Dail Mail / Express / Telegraph readers go, that’s one of the Tory parties biggest selling points along with Thatcher, who they still think will make a comeback – dribbles and all.

  6. Another thorn in the flesh of equality is the Church of England. We should get rid of state religion once and for all. It meddles far too much in the political system via the House of Lords, another anachronistic overwhelmingly conservative system we should abolish. If I recall, isn’t the C of E tax-exempt? If it is, then perhaps we should be asking parliament to abolish that privilege. If the Queen isn’t exempt, then neither should the church, the majority of whom support conservatives. We’ll never be a pure democracy until we remove these cancerous institutions from our lives and provide full equality for LGBT citizens.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  7. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”Just because the Tories still have a poor attitude to LGB people does not mean that NuLabour are any better. Tony Blair has wrecked this country in the last ten years, and I am certain Brown will do no better. This country’s politics and many of its politicians, are morally corrupt and I despair of the road it is taking.

  8. So General Dannett of the British Army is ‘concerned that participation or recruitment at Pride, may damage the army’s reputation!Total Rubbish! Why is it the Navy lads the Police and the Fire service can march in uniform, and indeed use the event for recruitment!What are they scared of? I don’t think the Army will or should, get a look in on Stonewalls Diversity Champions scheme!

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