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Rise in domestic abuse among gay couples reported

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Reader comments

  1. Gary Mills 20 Jun 2007, 4:48pm

    There is often a pattern to these cases of partner abuse. So often we are told that the offender attacked the victim out of the blue.This is seldom the case. Very often the victim has been hit several times before, sometimes in full view of family or friends.We need to concentrate on what WE the family and friends can do at this point.Alcohol is often a factor, not a minor one but a key factor in psyching up to the abuse.And there are tell-tale signs when the out-going and cheery partner ceases to go out with friends, wears cloths or make up to hide bruises or scars, and shows other behaviour changes.As a community, we know a lot about partner abuse in gay relationships – but we don’t have information leaflets for teenagers and youth groups, and registrars don’t them out when civil partners come to tie the knot.There is anger management and other related bodies for abusers.There is so much to do that is positive and preventative. Our local LGBT police forums need to get cracking on this and see what WE can do to help our lesbian and gay couples.

  2. elizabeth veldon 20 Jun 2007, 5:31pm

    I took part in some reserch into this subject myself last year.There’s still some hostility towards reporting abuse either to the police or within the comunity but thankfully this is changing.

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