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Statue of gay war hero unveiled

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Reader comments

  1. Strangely enough, not one mention of his being gay or the circumstances of his death.Even MORE strange is that PinkNews, a gay publication, doesn’t mention that Turing’s homosexuality wasn’t mentioned.It’s like opening a museum dedicated to the life, inventions and accomplishments of George Washington Carver and not mentioning that he was black (and gay, which in fact they seldom mention).

  2. Zeke, Having been convicted of a homeosexual offence following the second world war, Turin was at first imprisoned and then given the option of release provided he agreed to “treatment” by way of forced hormone injections. These injections resulted in Turing growing breasts – a phenomonen which added to the humiliation he had already suffered.Deeply depressed, alone and rejected by the society he did so much to save from the darkness of facism, he locked the door of a bedroom he rented in the cheap guesthouse where he was by that time reduced to living and killed himself by biting into an apple he had injected with cyanide.He was found the next day by his landlady.So ended the life of the most brilliant mathematician of the 20th century who not only played a major role in winning the war for the Allies but also, by designing and building the world’s first computer (nicknamed the Axminster on account of it looking like a giant carpet weaving machine), could also be described as the inventor of the 21st century.Though Apple computers have never confirmed or denied it, it is widely thought that their name and logo (an apple, originally rainbow coloured, with a single bite taken) are a tribute to Turing.I hope this helps.

  3. This is wonderful news, I attended the opening night of “Breaking the Code” (the play, not the film) and found the story incredibly moving.We don’t know if his death was suicide or accident, the apple had cyanide on it but hadn’t been injected (?!) Turing used cyanide in his photography, so it’s possible that his death was an accident – I doubt that such a talented scientist would have been so clumsy though.

  4. An even more interesting omission is the fact the article is about a statue. So why is there just a picture of a blue plaque?

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