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Government rejects compulsory recording of homophobic bullying

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Reader comments

  1. Anonymous 5 Feb 2007, 3:41pm

    As a school governor, I have actually seen the information that is provided by the Government to head-teachers and governing bodies laughed at and then put straight into the bin by the Head and the Chair of the governing body.It’s fine suggesting a policy, but there are very few checks in place to ensure that it is actually being employed.

  2. elizabeth veldon 19 Jun 2007, 6:00pm

    well anon they’re only poofs after all…

  3. So there we have it, homophobic bullying is acceptable by the government. How is it that religious and racial bias issues are protected categories? True equality should be blind. So much for supporting equality and expect nothing more from the Tories where it is de rigueur to be homophobic for political expediency. So if the government is not going to do anything about this, then perhaps we should be demanding repeal of laws protecting religious denominations and racial bias crimes and see how they like a dose of their own medicine. Whoever “anonymous” is, your use of the word “poof” is offensive. What are you doing at a Gay website? Prurient interest perhaps or are you wrestling with your inner demons to come out of the closet? You sound like a self-loathing Gay. You don’t even have the courage or honesty to provide a legitimate name.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  4. A couple of points here.1) Robert, Elizabeth used the word “poof”, not “anonymous” and she used it in a subtle and ironic sense – perhaps you’ve been living in the USA for too long to appreciate that?!2) Providing an analysis of certain types of bullying is a flawed system; a homophobic head won’t bother reporting homophobic bullying just as a racist head won’t report racist bullying. This is a situation that cannot be helped by something as naive as statistics and record keeping. The only way to stamp out this problem is by tackling the root cause.Robert’s second paragraph is a prime example of why gay people (that includes me Robert, before you embark upon another tantrum) fail to integrate with everyone else, we sometimes think we’re special cases and/or victims when we’re not. The simple message is that NO bullying is acceptable, fannying around with categories won’t help anyone.

  5. elizabeth veldon 20 Jun 2007, 5:13pm

    Bodkin:Thankyou for your able defence of my use of irony. It’s not the first time I’ve had to explain myself on this page.As to bullying: yes all bullying is unaceptable but the catagorising of why the atack/ atacks have happend is importent. It allows the development of stratagies to combat the causes of bullying.

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