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Gay councillor rejected for Fire role

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Reader comments

  1. David Allen 19 Jun 2007, 2:15pm

    The mayor already gets to choose lots of the members of the Fire Authority (LFEPA). If he is so worried about diversity, I suggest he uses his own places to make up the difference. It seems he now wants to rig the Authority even more by having power of veto over those places he doesn’t get to personally appoint _ or at the very least stop opposition parties choosing their own best people. Ken really is crap, a control freak _ and no democrat at all.

  2. Who gives a damn what colour the applicants are? You pick the best people for the job. End of.It’s about time these loony-left stopped worrying about perceived victimisation of minorities and started discriminating between those that ‘can’, and those that ‘can’t’.

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