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Obama closes in on Clinton’s lead

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Reader comments

  1. Um…sorry. This article is kind of sad actually. The writer is obviously excited about this poll, but I’m guessing the writer isn’t familiar with the importance of polling techniques.This poll is surveyed online by Harris Interactive. The headline you have is misleading. It should read:Online poll shows Obama catching upThese polling results are skewed because they are not representative of the public at large. They only reflect the opinions of visitors of that site.More generalized polling data show Clinton either steady or growing in double digits:A USA Today poll released today:A Rasmussen poll released today:These polls represented a random sample of adults. They are not as narrow as the parameters set by an online poll.So…um…sorry writer. Obama still has a long way to go. Curb your enthusiasm man.

  2. abdiel beat me to it. Your story is VERY misleading and doesn’t reflect the facts according to REAL polls released today.

  3. clearly you people do not spend much time outside in the daylightffs

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