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Gays, Roman and Proud, demand citizen’s rights

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  1. George Broadhead 18 Jun 2007, 11:14am

    It’s great that the Italian gay rights movement has recognised the malign influence of the Catholic Church by including ‘More Freedom, Less Vatican’ and ‘Secularism’ in two of its Pride banners.It is encouraging that adherents to the Church are in constant decline in Italy as they are in the UK and in many other European countries – largely, I suspect, due to its unbending stance, not just on gay rights, but on issues like abortion, contraception and voluntary euthanasia.Let’s hope that Italy follows the example of Spain in which the Catholic Church once ruled supreme and gay rights, including marriage, are now second to none.

  2. Well said, George. Who would have thought that Spain would have opened full marriage to its Gay citizens given the power of the Catholic church in that country, truly amazing and breathtaking at the same time. It was easy to see that Prime Minister Zapatero knew that marriage equality was the gold standard. Now if only the UK had had the guts to do the same thing, then our socalled equality laws would also have been second to none, what a shameful day that we had to settle for something less than full citizenship. Sweden will be next, closely followed I’m sure by Denmark and Norway. I suspect, the UK will in time get caught up in typical footdragging fashion when full marriage equality takes a hold in other western european countries. Again, we will be the among the last as always and will probably be compelled to convert Civil Partnerships into full marriage recognition. The UK does nothing voluntarily for its Gay citizens, it always has to be forced in some way or other. Hardly what one would call progressive. Say what they like, neither of the two major parties are for full equality. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have been given second-class civil partnerships.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

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