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Michael Barrymore arrested on suspicion of murder

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Reader comments

  1. I think the police are playing “nail the poof” here. If there was evidence of a crime, Michael would have been prosecuted in ’01.At worst, he displayed some bad judgement. Mr. Barrymores’ lifetime career is in ruins, isn’t that punishment enough enough?Note to the Media: Does EVERY news story about this have to begin with “openly gay BBC presenter”?

  2. Ms. Veldon,”Nice” Str8 boys don’t party at 50 year old poofs houses.Lets face it, Stuart was into getting his fudge packed (something one DOESN’T discuss with ones father).He overdid the partying and fell in the pool. It was a tragic accident, let the man be.

  3. elizabeth veldon 18 Jun 2007, 9:05pm… that was my point -i.e. he wasn’t a nice straight boy.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Jun 2007, 1:50am

    When asked if he would be doing pantomime again this year, Michael Barrymore replied that he wouldn’t as he’d done Alladin six years ago and he’s never heard the end of it.On a more serious note, I fully agree with Jim, I’m sure that most fathers would take the news that their (much loved) son was getting taken up the Gary Glitter by men almost twice his age while out of his head on mind bending love drugs.I feel sorry for his family, but its no reason to mount a witch hunt against Michael Barrymore. The poor guy has been in the closet for years, and as soon as he’s out and no doubt wanting to get out there and shoot his muck up as many people as he can to make up for lost time, this comes along.

  5. Christine Guntrip 10 Sep 2007, 7:03pm

    Michael is clear of all charges so it just goes to show that the witchunters and haters have failed in their mission to execute him and nail him to a cross, downright disgusting comment to make,this person doesn’t even know Michael, unlike some who do.And the nerve to call me names to.I’m one of Michael’s greatest fans, i won’t have any insulting comments made against him, he is a lovely human being and hugely talented, it seems the witchunters and haters are jealous of him they have put him through hell, still he is standing and will remain so witchunters and haters go and pick on someone your own size.A great fan of Michael’s.Christine.

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